Wednesday, March 26, 2014

PICK YOUR FAVORITE-Easter Table Winner

Wow!  You did yourselves proud
with all the votes.
Not a single table sat empty
and you would ALL have others
at your table..
It was so close I had my Lulu
count the votes again...
 including all the late votes.

The WINNER by ONE vote?
NONE! Because after a Re-Count
There was a FIRST PLACE TIE!
             source                                                                      source
Okay- I will admit that surprised me.
I knew there were a lot of blue lovers
but I didn't think it would tie for first place
which just goes to show...
what do I know?

Coming In Second-
 With TWO LESS VOTES Than First Place
Eggs In A Row (with bunny napkin tutorial)
And third place goes to:
  TipToe Through The Tulips

It's funny how well I know some of you.
I can predict just which table I think you will pick.
I would guess I am right about 75% of the time
but sometimes you fool me.
Like picking Blue Plate Special As #1!

I love doing this.
It is fun to find things I think will appeal to everyone.
I already have an idea for the next
I see that I am almost up to 
How the heck did that happen?
Who in the world signed up to follow
The Crazy Lady from the Midwest?
Well...when I get to 700 (still can't believe it)
I will have a special giveaway.
Hmmm...have to think of something 
to do for all my wonderful followers!
I'm thinking-I'm thinking

Have a great day everyone!
I am still in Babyland!
your photo name


  1. Diana, When you get back home, you will miss the baby and the boys. Hope Mimi is doing better. It is good that you can help her during this time. I know my mother in law helped when I had my twins, she was my life saver. My own mother's was working then. All that seems a hundred years ago.LOL. Hope you get to enjoy them today. Blessings to all of you, xoxo,Susie

  2. Hope your cold is fleeting and you feel better today. Lulu sure is a big help. She is growing so fast. Wait till you are staying with her when she has her babies! LOL
    Hope you all have a good day.

  3. This was a fun tablescape poll. It's wonderful that you have been available to assist with your daughter's healing and the new transitions for your grandsons. Enjoy every minute.

  4. I missed the voting.. but can you guess which one I would have chosen??? I bet you can guess..
    have a great day my friend!

  5. Enjoy your time in babyland, looking forward to seeing what you come u with to give away.

  6. whhhooooo hooo 700 followers!!!!

  7. Happy to see my pick was tied for first place, Diana! I was thinking my love of transferware was blinding me. : )

  8. 700 followers! Wow! I am happy my choice won on the first vote! Now, get yourself over to Uptown Acorn for my spring dining table. xo

  9. Really it was so hard to pick because they were all really pretty. At least I came in 2nd this time. And it was really close.

  10. Sorry to miss that one, but given the top 3, I too would have picked blue!

  11. Yeah!! The 2 that I liked best - are the top 2 a TIE!! I voted for the blue!

  12. You probably know which one each of us will pick, too! I love the blue best! Enjoy your day in babyland! Hugs and kisses to that sweet babykins!

  13. What a fun post I liked the pink table best but they were all winters in my book!! Laura

  14. I was very drawn to the blue table too, but chose #1 because it was more to my style.
    Give those boys and the wee Irish Lass a ((HUG)) for me!

  15. I'm pouting, because I think I'm the only one who chose #4! I thought the rustic look was charming. I guess I need to warn all of you before you come over for Easter lunch!

  16. I love blue and that table is pretty and unique, but the results surprised me too! And of course your followers are growing, no surprise there! And a giveaway, hmmm, maybe you and SweetCheeks can come visit for a weekend. That's not too much to ask, is it?

  17. That game was fun! I'm a fan of blue, but I felt like that blue plate special needed to be offset with more white. It had more blue in it than I cared for. I'm not a peach person, so that's why I didn't choose the one with all the tulips. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  18. Don't know how you have time for any blogging, while in Baby and Toddler Land!!! :-)

  19. Wow, who knew you had so many blue people? Yay for babyland! You can never have too much of a new baby!

  20. I am definitely a "blue" kinda girl, even though I LOVE everyone of those tablescapes!


  21. We just love that "crazy lady from the Midwest!" :-) So happy with the transferware first place, even though it was a tie! Enjoy this Wednesday! xo Nellie

  22. Ha Ha that was a lot of fun even if I did sit alone....Thanks for a fun trip around some lovely Easter Tables.

  23. There you go . . . now you know why I couldn't decide, LOL
    It wasn't the blue that attracted me to the first photo, but the bird nests, they are precious :)
    Have a lovely Spring day!
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  24. I missed it! But I would have picked No. 2., not the blue, although it's lovely.

  25. I like them all!!
    I love Easter! My favorite holidays after Christmas!!
    I hope you're having a great week and enjoying that new baby!
    Much love,
    Tammy xx

  26. Hello, I had fun being able to view them and to vote. My choice this time was one of the winners! And I think following you has been so much fun! I pick you and yours cause its real and funny and you comment back. Your life is lived with gusto and your pretty inside and out!
    Love, Roxy

  27. I felt sure the blue would win. Yes it was my first choice.

  28. That was fun to see which table people picked! They were all really pretty. I still can't believe how late Easter is this year. Enjoy your time in babyland!

  29. Woot! "I" won! (Sorta) Okay, I don't know your decorating style well enough because I have no idea which one you would choose. Care to enlighten?

  30. We love that crazy lady from the Midwest..By the're not crazy

  31. I missed the table settings yesterday. But - I really like that eggs in a row! So cute... and whimsically childish - like me! :-) Is that the one you picked for me?

  32. Yaaay, so glad the red table setting won, and can you believe the blue was my second choice too? For some reason, blue china is the prettiest to me. My wedding china was even in blue.

    Have a happy day, Diana. Give baby a hug from me.


  33. Hi Diana,
    Loved all the tables they were all winners but I still love those bunny napkins. Too cute. Hope you are having a great day in "baby land". Enjoy.

  34. Yippee, yeah! I adore the blue table, and am happy it came in first place (even though it did tie!). You never mentioned which table is your favorite?? And is there only ONE crazy lady in the Midwest? I can think of several, off the top of my head (not including moi!!). Congrats on 700 followers, wow, that is awesome! Have fun with the kiddos and that sweet baby girl:)

  35. Oh I din't vote however I would have had to vote for the pink transferware, even though blue is my favorite color
    All the tables were very pretty

  36. Yay! I'm in a tie and all my favorites made the top 3, if I remember correctly. Which one is your favorite?

  37. It's funny that the two that tied seem so different from one another. I guess that means you have readers with styles that run the spectrum! Congrats on your almost 700 followers! That crazy lady from the Midwest must be doing something right.

  38. Great tables Diana...and looking forward to the next...have fun in Babyland!!!...

  39. All so fun, but that tulip one is so fabulous! Have fun with babies!

  40. Hi, my first visit here, but I always see your name everywhere that I leave comments so thought I'd come over for a visit! I am following you now, to help you get to 700!

  41. 700 that is great!!! This such a fun idea…looking forward to the next one!

  42. You're the Kreskin of the Blog world LMHO !!!
    That bunny one still melts my heart :)
    ( but I suppose you know that already tee hee ! )
    Quick - what am I doing right now?

  43. Fun Game! Enjoy your baby time! Blessings, Cindy

  44. Whoa, I missed that post!!! I think I like the eggs in a row though....

  45. Missed out on this fun vote, but I love these games you play! lol!

  46. LOVE that transferware! Hope you are giving lots of squeezes to those babies!

  47. That was so much fun Diana! I'm totally shocked that blue came in #1, but not at all about the other. This is a great idea. Looking forward to the next one. After all, we all love being asked our opinions. Lol

  48. I officially change my vote...and now have decided that I like the transferware table better than the the tulip I guess I'm the tie breaker!

  49. Fun post! Sorry my table didn't hit the top a Enjoy those babies, and bless you for being there for her!


  50. This was so much fun! Thanks for the inspiration!

  51. Love all the tables! Fun post. Enjoy baby land!!~~Angela

  52. Great for the winning table. I loved the transferware and the blue was my second pick.
    Congrats on your followers. Have a great weekend.
    Big Hugs!

  53. Well I'll still take door number 3 - Heavenly to me.


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