Saturday, March 1, 2014

MARCHing Towards Spring Happy March First

I don't know about you but I thought
February would NEVER END.
We woke up to several inches of new snow.
Snow that glitters like diamonds-
so bright and dazzling that it hurts your eyes.
Feathery soft and white as an angel's wing.
coating every surface with shimmery sequins.
As pretty as it is, however,
I am MARCHing towards Spring.
I am TIRED of winter!
Tired of snow!
Tired of cold!
Tired of the frozen tundra.
I am MARCHing towards 
St. Patrick's Day with my potted Shamrock...
the plant of  my father's mother
and her mother before her.
I will be MARCHing to the sink to wash the 
Irish China that my girls gave me.
Wonder if they will arm wrestle for it 
someday when I am gone?
Well, they are going to have to wait 
a while for that!
The shamrock and the china make a wonderful statement, don' they?
And, before the morning is over I am 
MARCHing myself right over to 
STARBUCKS...where I will WALTZ in
and order a latte.
A drink to warm my bones while my heart 
longs for Spring but my body is stuck in Winter.

I was thinking (that's dangerous)
and I told MyHero I might order 
him a nice little
for Saint Patrick's Day.
I've been looking at costumes and I think I 
finally found the right one.
I was all set to order until I saw that it said-

Have a wonderful Saturday!


  1. Diana, Love your dishes. I hope one soon we can all be dug out of our snows and enjoying some warmer air . Hope you get your latte. What are you saying that Hero would not look the same in that costume:):)xoxo,Susie

  2. Oh boy I hear ya on the winter weather. This past week was difficult to cope with. Love the Irish tableware you have. That exact plant is a handed down plant? I haven't tried to grow them yet but I'm hoping to find one this year. Maybe my luck will improve! I'm digging on that outfit and the guy wearing it or is it the other way around!

  3. Darn, why do they tease you like that, costume only, my foot.
    They are calling for ice or snow or freezing rain here, for Sunday evening, this is the south, darn it, we are supposed to have 60 degrees and sunshine.

  4. Enjoy that latte. It's well earned. It's snowing here again this morning but at least it's not in the negative temps. I'm going to take down the snowmen decorations that have been on the fireplace mantle since January. Maybe if I put them away, I can hurry spring along!!

  5. Ha Ha Ha you crack me up. Thanks for the smile today.

  6. Oh Diana, I laughed out loud (and then laughed some more!!!!) when I saw the leprechaun costume! I think your hero totally needs to rock that look this March. (Talk about March Madness! ) Have a wonderful Saturday and many thanks for the chuckle! Jane

  7. Your Irish china is just gorgeous Diana! Wish I could join you at Starbucks for a cuppa and a long visit....hugs, Penny

  8. I can second every ready for spring and we're expecting snow here this weekend! I'm sure your leprechaun hubby would warm you right up!

  9. I love your china and that lovely shamrock. Enjoy Starbucks and keep dreamin' of leprechauns!

  10. I so agree, we have had too much winter this year!
    What a lovely set of china....I unpacked my wee bin of St. Patty's Day decorations just the other day too!
    Stay warm!

  11. I am going to completely ignore the leprechaun, if I can, and move to the lovely china. Ohhhh...that's pretty. I know that March is a tough month. April's the cruelest month. I don't know. It looks like eight more weeks of agony to me. Okay, back to the leprechaun...

  12. You do a lovely description of fresh, sparkling snow. But sigh... It is still snow. -pout- And we have had a lot of it, this winter. -sigh- And we are getting kind-of-sick of it. -moan- But more is coming. Eeeeek!

    -grin- And guess what? There isn't a ding-dang-thing we can do about it. -chuckle- And a Harrrrrumph thrown in there too.

    Mmmmmmm, you don't get the model, with the costume??????? Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.... -snicker-

    Happy March!

  13. You, my girl. are a hoot!! I am guessing that Mr. my Hero rolls his eyes a LOT. : ) Your china is lovely & even though I don't have a speck of Irish anywhere near my bloodline, I would love that. (in case the girls don't want it : )
    I hear ya on the snow & cold.... almost 150" here in Mi. & - 14 yesterday.... sick, sick, sick of it!! But yesterday as I was looking out I thought, "Whiter than snow, yes whiter than snow... that's me" it was my nice reminder : )

  14. You make me smile every day with your funny posts! That's too bad the costume didn't include the guy. Oh well. :) I've been seeing live shamrocks on lots of blogs and since we're Irish, I think I need to purchase one this year. I'm now on the hunt for one. :) Hope you warm up soon!

  15. Your china is beautiful Diana!... and I love your little shamrock plants... I always buy one when the grocery stores get them in... Jack is Irish so we celebrate St. Patrick's Day big!... xoxo Julie Marie

  16. we've got the snow and cold to go with it!
    luv the St Pat's inspy - growing up in Killarney, I would !
    thanks for sharing the weekend FuN
    from another [ & proud to be!] Nana

  17. Your St. Patty's day table is very pretty, and the Shamrock plant is beautiful! Not sure I've ever seen one before. Hope your snow melts soon!

  18. March on, Nana D.! I have a feeling that you may have an entire parade of winter weary behind you when you reach Spring!
    You set a pretty table, my friend!

  19. Snow snow go away come back next January!!! Yeah, I am with you on the snow stuff. Okay....I sure do like that last picture of "Mr Leprechaun" in all his glory....yes, I will take one. OOOHHHH costume only???? You made me smile hahahaha!!! Love your shamrock dishes and the cookie, the whole setting is lovely. Have a nice day despite the snow....soon it will be melting, not much longer now.

  20. I know you must be SO ready for Spring. You've had more snow than anyone I know. That latte looks good. I like to drink hot drinks during the Winter too. Your Irish china is beautiful! You should plan to cook an Irish meal for St. Patrick's Day.

  21. i can just see your HERO in that suit LOL.... Your Irish dishes are stunning and will make a beautiful tablescape. So sorry that you are still getting snow. We are having rain rain rain, which we need so badly. Bring it onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.
    Have a great weekend and enjoy your Starbucks.

  22. Charming table setting!!! I love the scalloped edges on your lovely china!
    Diana, do you have any tips on how to take care of the shamrock plant? I have had a few of these but can't seem to keep them alive for long.
    Sorry about the Leprechaun! Ohhh MY! ; )

  23. I Marched myself to IHop ths morning and had a Stuffed French Toast with Glazed Strawberries and hot tea and then when I got home I Marched my COLD bones into the kitchen and made myself Hot Cocoa in my Large Teacup! I'm with you Diana, I am so tired of Cold,snow and Ice,,,so ready for Spring flowers and warm sunshine!
    Have a Great weekend anyway,

  24. costume only...darn, there is always a catch isn't there! For being the shortest month Feb. did drag on and on for me too. Not that I want time to move any more quickly than it does but I am hungry for Spring. Your china is beautiful, such a good Irish girl you are!

  25. Your Irish china is gorgeous, Diana! Is it Belleek? The snow sounds pretty, but I wonder when spring is finally going to arrive in the Midwest?? Looks like you have found yourself quite the lucky leprechaun!!

  26. Love the china..That's a lot of marching and waltzing you're doing Diana..Can't wait to see your hero in a Leprechaun suit..LOL

  27. I would order that costume too if the hunk was included. LOL I am Irish on my dad's side. I love anything Irish!! Your dishes are beautiful! So is that latte.

  28. Me too! Everyone here wants to be marching into spring and we haven't had near the cold winter that you have had. We are now in the yo yo temps, warm one day, cold the next. I even had a daffodill bloom yesterday.

  29. Our March has come in like a lamb here, though the prediction indicates that will change in a day or two. I love that Irish china! I am told that my great-great-grandparents were immigrants from Ireland. How they ever reached these Tennessee hills is amazing to me! xo Nellie

  30. I need spring, too but around here, snow can fall, and usually does, until early April. Ugh...we are actually waiting for another big blast of it hiss!!

  31. What a cutie pity you don't get the fellow too.

  32. Enjoy "Paddys day", as my Irish son in law calls it. Your tea set is wonderful!

  33. What......Costume only??? I call foul on that one. Keep on Marching. xo Laura

  34. Diana,
    Your Irish China is so pretty, and how special is that potted shamrock. So, your father's mother was Irish? I think I told you before that my kids are Irish on their father's side. I can't wait to see all your Irish treasures in March.

    And I can't help but love your snow. That picture is magical.


  35. I have a tad bit of Irish blood myself. Love your snow, your dishes, your latte and my oh your Leprechaun!

  36. That china is beautiful. That Leprechaun is gorgeous! You crazy girl!


  37. Your china is gorgeous! You're to funny about the girls arm wrestling over it! Darn, I'm with you on the costume; I want the whole package!

  38. So many friends are tired of winter and ready for spring! Yet, today here in AZ, we had our first taste of winter and first rain in over 70 days. It has been SO nice! Love your china! Enjoy your weekend!

  39. HA! Darn is right!!!! And I am marching towards spring too friend...boy am I ever after this last round of the flu at my house this weekend! I LOVE that china! It is gorgeous and reminds me of some of the pieces my mom has! My mom is Irish and my pop is about intensity!!! You have a great weekend friend...and here is to spring!!!! Nicole xoxo

  40. Love the china. The shamrocks are pretty. Hope you have spring weather soon. I saw daffodils in bloom the other day. There are sunny spots along the road where they always bloom first. You will be seeing them soon.

  41. Diana, Like you I am so tired of the winter and so ready for the spring-but we still have several months of snow left-yuck. Loved your china; I have some Belleek, from Ireland. As for the cute suit-I knew what was coming and started giggling before I saw the cutie.
    Hugs and giggles.

  42. I think everyone is so sick of winter! It was 84 on Fri, 82 yesterday and today...sleet, snow, freezing rain and 16F. Sick, sick of it!!

    P.S. The china is gorgeous!

  43. Hello Dear Mrs Irish! I am thinking it is a good thing they only send out the costume and no models! Do you realize it was a real leprechaun and he would of been only 5 inches tall! You would of gotten ripped off, and I bet it said no refunds!
    Count your LUCKY stars... lol The Luck Of the Irish I have one small little bowl from Ireland my sister-n law got me many years ago!

  44. It sleeted here yesterday. Freezing rain tonight... so over winter! Love the plates!

  45. I just love them!! I can't wait to see more. You are too funny.


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