Thursday, December 12, 2013

"Please Don't Hang Me" Cried The Gingerbread Man

You know how a front door says 
when you come in?
Those sleigh bells are off the horses my 
father drove as a young man.
So -there's my 
Happy Hello!
BUT I like my door to say
when someone leaves, too.

And I like to say it NICELY
Unlike some people that will say-
Don't let the door hit you in the butt on the way out.

How do I do that?
I let my visitors take a little memento
of their visit with them.

It is called 
Cut and Run Take

Here they are my sweet little
hanging in a row.
Here's how to make this sweet little door hanging.
Roll out Saran Wrap about 2 feet longer than the side of your door.
Lay your Gingerbread Boys in a line on the center of the plastic wrap.
leaving about 4-6" between them.
Flip them upside down making sure that they
are still in the center
Pull the plastic wrap to the back
overlapping it so they are enclosed all the way around.
Gently flip them over and using ribbon
tie a knot above and below EACH one.
Hang some children's scissors on 
some curly ribbon from the top
to cut the saran wrap.

When you cut them apart 
you will cut between the ribbons 
leaving each one fully encased in plastic wrap.

Here I am making a cut between the ties.
You start with the bottom one and 
each person can cut off a gingerbread boy 
to take along when they leave.
I hung them on a nail hidden on top of the door jamb.
shhhhh-MyHero hates nails anywhere
I dressed the top with some greenery and red balls.
I love those Gingerbread Boys, don't you?
Sometimes I even feel sorry for them.
Poor things.
pinterest image
The one on the right hears about like 
MyHero does-especially when it comes
to trying to get a chore done!

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  1. How fantastic is this idea!!!! You are so darn clever.

  2. That is so cute. I may have to do something like that one of these days, if I ever get grandkids that come and visit me....
    I could just see my cats swinging by that now, though.
    Happy Birthday, old woman. Hope you have a good day.

  3. How very, very clever! I think I am going to do something like this. It would work with plain sugar cookies too. So, so cute!

  4. Diana this is so cute. Great idea. I also just love your gorgeous nativity below with the lights under the boa. Beautifully displayed.
    Christmas Hugs, Celestina Marie

  5. So funny, my first laugh today! Love the idea of the gingerbread men being a goodbye gift! plus it looks so pretty! Thanks for sharing Diana!

  6. LOL !

    This is a cute idea!

    I made gingerbread men the other day with my grandson but aside from about 5 for me, they all went home packed in tupperware with his daddy...I like this hanging idea though...I might do this next year! :)

  7. I have those same side windows by my front door! This is such a sweet idea. I'm for the underdog...I'll take the one without an arm! heehee! Enjoy your day my friend!

  8. that is the best!!!!
    What a great job you did on th ginger bread men!

  9. I LOVE this idea, Diana! How cute is that! Your Hero and my husband must be in the same club. Whenever I hang something up I know he is only seeing the nail behind it.

  10. Diana, That is a sweet idea. :) I would be tempted to eat them myself. :):) For something that isn't too can insert a pin over the woodwork near the wall, actually between the woodwork and the wall. It'll hold. Hope you are getting caught up on everything, bless your heart. xoxo,Susie

  11. Okay, those gingerbread men are just too cute!!! What a clever idea!

  12. Nice idea to hand up a bell in the door as the sign of welcome.
    Your Ginger Bread boy looks great and the way you have used is fantastic.

  13. What a sweet idea. A gift, on leaving!

    What a beautiful decoration, it makes!

    What a gorgeous front door you have! Oh my! Oh sigh!

    Please, when the Holidays are over and you are rested, please do show more pics of this gorgeous front door of yours.

    Please... Pretty please... Pretty please with butter cream icing on it. :-)

  14. That is a great idea! I'd have to hang them high enough that my dog wouldn't eat them! My front door is very similar to yours.

  15. What a wonderful idea!! I'm afraid my hubby would be eating all of the cookies before any guests would get them.
    Your nativity is gorgeous, Diana! Love the way you set it up with the wispy feathers, and lights underneath.
    I missed your Hero as the Elf was swinging from the chandelier...hmmmm...

  16. Yum! I love gingerbread. Also, happy birthday.

  17. Such a clever idea - my problem is that I do not have many visitors and all those ginger bread men would still be hanging there getting stale.

  18. What a wonderful idea, Diana! The word spreads, and the company returns!:-)xo Nellie

  19. This has got to be one of the cutest ideas ever! You are so clever....and stinking fun!

  20. What a fabulous idea - and not just for the holidays! Funny, I just did gingerbread cake, then came over here and found gingerbread boys!

  21. What a brilliant and delicious idea! I love it. And the horse bells are so dear. How lucky you are to have such a happy memento of your Dad. -- Jan

  22. Diana,
    This is too cute. I love this idea. You are so special to have these for when your guests leave. Great idea. Love it.

  23. Oh this is sweet.

    oh my your inside is like my daughters place.

    Does your stairs look up when you come inside the door?

    If so have you deco's your stairs yet?

  24. What an absolutely wonderful idea. I so wish that I lived close to you. I'd be in and out that nobody's business! Joan

  25. That is about the cutest idea I have seen this season! You are so clever! I will definitely try that next year. Thanks for sharing!


  26. Great idea, I love it. How sweet that you have your dads horse bells.

  27. YOur nativity scene is so pretty!!!

    AND I love this idea….men to go, I meant to say….a gingerbread man for the road! :D

  28. That's definitely my kind of humor. Suppose it's a Wisconsin thing?? lol
    I make Gingerbread Boys every single year, but never ever thought of doing that. I love that idea, Diana. It's brilliant!!!

  29. Oh Diana, what a great idea - I'm sure everyone would love to have a Gingerbread on the way out the door.
    Especially something to nibble on when driving home.
    Thanks for sharing this great food decoration.
    Have a terrific weekend.

  30. That is so cute. YOU are so funny. . I love the parting gift. HUGS my sweet friend

  31. Oh, what a cute idea, Diana. I LOVE GINGERBREAD COOKIES! Your home will say "welcome" to all those who enter and "glad you were here" when they leave.


  32. Diana, what a great idea. I swear, when there are no little children around anymore a person's mind just goes blank and doesn't know about anything cool anymore..So cute and Happy Thursday..Judy

  33. What a great gift for your guests! I hardly bake at all anymore but could probably buy some and do the same thing. This weekend we are having friends from out of state visit with a granddaughter-I might just have to do this. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Noreen

  34. What a cute idea! I just want the cookies...I'll send the address!!
    Hugs, Liz

  35. I love that idea and I love Gingerbread men, I'll be right over!

  36. YOU thought that up all by yourself? I am dyin' here with all the cuteness. Sweet, sweet do you keep the little ones away? love you lady, thanks for the 'happy' today, I needed it!

  37. Now that is really a cute idea! And it's actually making me crave a gingerbread man right now & I really don't like them. I could also see doing something like that for a variety of seasons or parties. Thanks for getting my mind off the issues here with some fun ideas!


  38. I have never seen that before..what a great idea. Even though I will never do it (I'm not as nice as you and I certainly don't have your energy), I sure do think that's a nifty idea-er!

  39. What an adorable idea! You are a clever one indeed. Have you printed the recipe for the ginger bread cookies. I would love a good one.

  40. I thought I had seen it all, but no! What a great idea! Now you've got me thinking of all the other things you could put in the wrap as goodies on the go.....small toys, candies, other types of sweets. My kids will love this.

  41. What a fun idea, Diana! I bet you secretly cut and take all day long:) Lucky you to have your dad's sleigh bells!

  42. adorable clever idea....did the girls help you make all the is their little business doing...

  43. What a sweet idea!! I love the idea of giving a little farewell gift like that!

  44. Love the idea, now for me to do something like that, ain't gonna happen.

  45. Just to cute! I am making gingerbread men to take to a party that is coming up. I think this is a perfect gift for the hostess, there will be many children there to snip the gingerbread cookies as they go home.


  46. OH, MY, STARS!!! Something NEW in blogland! I've never seen this idea before, and I LOVE it! Thanks for the fabulous and original idea!

  47. i just LOVE this cute idea, diana!! you even make leaving your home fun--tfs!

  48. That's a terrific idea! I've fixed the no reply thing again. Don't make me swear by telling me it isn't fixed!

  49. That is truly beyond clever.

    Well done, love that idea. Enough to actually consider making gingerbread men, which I only did once and they were the ugliest lil guys, oh my word.

    Anyway, yay, brilliant idea.


  50. I am enjoying your Christmas décor, Diana. The gingerbread men are too darn cute!

  51. I think that has to be one of the nicest things I have ever heard of - to give a gift when someone leaves. And how orginal. I LOVE IT!


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