Nana Diana Takes A Break

Nana Diana Takes A Break

Friday, June 7, 2013

The Purdy Pink Pedal Bike

First off- I apologize if I didn't get around
to visit you yesterday.  
I was so tired I kept dozing off over
my laptop.  
I went to bed really early (for me),,,

Yesterday I promised you a 
peek at what I did with my
washed out looking
Honey, she ain't 
(yes-I KNOW that is improper

I am making myself use up
all the old paints that I have on hand.
This is not the paint I would have chosen
but it IS what I had here.

What does she look like today?
Feast your eyes on THIS!
(Well, except for my friend,Jettie-
She says pink is pukey-lol)
I don't have her real front and back baskets
attached yet.
However, I didn't want to keep you in suspense
too much longer-cuz you know how YOU are!
Wanna see more?
Do you love it?
Don't be counting my weeds that need to 
be cleaned up either..
MyHero has been talking about 
taking up cycling.
I thought I should look for a nice
cycling outfit for him.
If he puts this on I will even let him ride
It'd be perfect, don't ya think????
I didn't show you the whole thing
cuz I didn't want to see you 
squirting your coffee out through
your nose-
It didn't leave much to the imagination
SO-You can use
 YOUR imagination...
and imagine MyHero in it!!
Have a GREAT day!~

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  1. eewweee Diana, please don't make Hero wear that outfit. What was that guy thinking who has it on? No one care enough to stop him.LOL I love your new bike..bright but so pretty. xoxo,Susie

  2. I love it! It is homage to your Floridian past!

  3. That is over the top gorgeous Diana - what a beautiful color for the summer!!!
    I'm not even going to comment on the biker, ok?

  4. I love your bright pink bike! She's a knockout, like your hero would be in that biking outfit. ;D

  5. That's the perfect color! I love the pink bike. But, I'd pass on that outfit. No one should wear a get up like that, and I mean no one! A t-shirt and some shorts would be a much better choice.

  6. Very pretty, it makes a perfect garden accent! You know, when you do these projects it always makes me want to go out and paint something but my attempts never turn out quite so lovely.

  7. LOL!! You really do brighten my day Diana. I like the pink bike arrangement. Very nice. I also like that outfit that you want your hubbie to wear. :-)

  8. wow that color of the bike is amazing , it matches the geraniums perfect!!!!!
    The outfit for your hero is um beautiful too, very streamlined, no wind interference, but a real traffic stopper!I just wanted to say again how great it was to see the girls on the news, they did so well, Sweet Cheeks was a little shy, but so very sweet, I hope they did amazing on their first days!I just know they would, those cookies with the dipping sauce sounded so good, wow!

  9. Love your pink bike, Diana! It looks so pretty with the pink geraniums, too.

  10. Diana, that is gorgeous!!! I think I love her more this year than I did last year and that says a lot.

  11. That is perfect!! The hero? Not so much. lol

  12. Love the color. She's pretty in PINK!

  13. Thank you for your kind comments. I can't wait to read all about you. You made my day.

  14. Well, I happen to love all things pink, and this bicycle rather screams pink! Love the flowers in the basket! xo Nellie

  15. Good Morning Diana, I love your bright pink bike. They can't say they didn't see you coming and the biker's outfit really made me laugh. I always wonder if some of them realize what they look like in their outfits. I have enjoyed your post and I did watch the girls on tv. Are you going to ship cookies? They said they would take special orders. Have a wonderful day? Ours is a cool start. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  16. LOVE your purdy pink it! What a cheerful addition to your garden and the white basket full of pink blooms is perfect! As for the pink biker, hmmmm, I saw enough...thanks for cutting him off at the waist...LOL!!! :)

  17. Loving that pink bike! It looks awesome!

    Thanks for not showing the whole picture, I would have ruined my computer if I had spewed coffee all over it!

  18. Good morning Diana,

    First off...I totally LOVE the pink bicycle! I have an old one that I bought to paint but the man doesn't think I should, he says it's too nice to paint and to keep it original...heck, it's not like it's a vintage Schwinn or anything good!

    Second, thank you for not showing all of that last picture...what was he thinking!!!!

    Have a great day!

  19. Wow, pepto pink?
    I love that, I'm just not a pretty in pink girl, so only certain pinks on certain items strike my fancy. And YOUR hero, in that outfit, would not be something that struck my fancy.

  20. LOVE it!! The bike, not the man at the end :) The bike looks fabulous, Diana.

    Hugs to you!

  21. I love your bike, D! My bike is yellow. I wonder what color you'll do for Your Hero.
    The biker? I hope that van is about to back up and run him over.

  22. Diana.. that bike is positively precious. It would put a smile on my face every time I looked at it. Loovveee the cycling outfit!!! have a great weekend!!!

  23. I STILL want that bike!! It is bright pink but goes great with the basket of pink flowers!

    Hey, I guess all the snow finally melted!

    Maybe you could strap that outfit on your Hero while his taking one of his many naps!

    Have a great weekend! I'm headed to the lake for a girls weekend!

  24. You're crazy! The bike is perfect! I want a bike. And those flowers too! Have a great weekend Diana!

  25. Ha Ha Diana!!!!Woooo Hooo on the biker outfit!!!! I so love your bike you know me and bikes I am right there with you. You can ride your pink one and I will take off on my blue one. Won't we look super cute!! I love your pink sweet bike. So pretty.

  26. LOVE the pink bike...not pukey at all. The riding outfit? Definitely pukey. :P

  27. Oooh, I love your bike Diana!... hot pink is sooo pretty on it!... and pink is NOT pukey dear Jettie!... the white basket on it looks gorgeous!... thanks for sharing... except for the guy at the last... now THAT is pukey!... xoxo Julie Marie

  28. Everything looks better in Pepto Bismol pink! I flippin' LOVE it! Not so sure about the scary dude in the spandex....he might be the one exception!


  29. Love your new "hot" pink bike....the guy...he's not so HOT! I don't think I could have seen much more of him without wanting to poke my eyes! Hugs, Penny

  30. Well, ain't she perty??? I bet that was a challenge to paint to keep all the parts that you didn't want pink from being pink! She turned out really nice. I know she's a girl bike. The pink kind of gives it away. Thanks for sparing us the full shot of that (whatever it is) in the pink suit. I think he needs his "man card" revoked!

  31. I like your girly bike but the Dude.

    I dont think so.

    I cant see your Hero in a splashy get out.

    Oh, no.

    I am laughing so much Nana.

    Sorry but I should of known better what you had up your sleeve.

    Why did I think different.

    Have a good rest girl with all that you have done and been doing for your little girls.

    When you have got your energy up.

    Can we or I see your video from fox of the wee girls interview.

    I never get that fox morning station.

  32. It's charming, for sure. There is one similar at a place of business not far from where I live, only it's painted white.

  33. The pink on the bike is gorgeous ... The pink on the guy ... NOT!! Please don't make your Hero wear that.

  34. Love your PINK bike! Those geraniums were just perfect for the basket. Great job!!


  35. LOL at that outfit!!!!! I think it would take some vaseline for most people to slide that puppy on.
    I LOVE your pink bike. No puking from is awesome and the pink geraniums make it even better!!!

  36. I love, love, love your pink bike. It almost makes me want to go out and buy one to ride....almost.

  37. It is such an improvement from the day before - not looking so forlorn. Love the pink.

  38. I love this! So cute ... Unfortunately, my wonderful son at about ten years old explored his "be like daddy and tinker with the transportation" urges. I don't think we have a bicycle on the place he didn't take apart... And the parts? Idk... Lol... He is over 30 now... He doesn't know either

  39. She's a beauty Diana!!! NOW that's pink!!!
    I HOPE I never see a man in a pink suit like that in real life :) That is SO funny!
    hugs from here...

  40. Looks great! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

  41. Bahahahaha!!! I squirted my coffee out of my nose anyway. Love the bike. So jealous!!!!! xo Laura

  42. Love the bike! The biker outfit - now that is just wrong! LOL!

  43. Love your bike! I also love the color! I know what you mean using what you have on hand; I'm trying to do the same thing! Have a great weekend!

  44. power! ...and some things should be illegal for men to wear LOL

  45. It's so good to see you back, sweetie! I probably missed a few posts but this one made up for it with a lot of belly laughs.

    Your bike looks awesome! So whimsical and those flowers are just perfect! I like that color, it's perfect for summer.

    Now, how did your hero get a hold of my hubbys garb??


  46. LOVE your pink bike! As for the pink biker dude... Yikes! Thanks for the laugh. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  47. i cannot even imagine where you managed to find that pic of the cycler in pink!!!! isnt it nice of him to show off his buff chest!!! bike looks awesome! pink anything is awesome to me diana!!

    yes. i'm yelling!
    LOVE IT!
    glad you've got a keyboard back! xo

  49. Wow! I love your bike sporting it's new color! The little basket is darling poked over the handlebars! Yes, I love it! Now hum...wonder why that guy wore that pink tight outfit? Don't make your Hero wear it as I think he'd be a bit embarrassed.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  50. Love, love LOVE!!! I have GOT to find a bike!!! Love the color!! Thanks for the laugh!!!!~~Angela

  51. Everything was beautiful until that last photo!
    I like the hot pink paint on your

  52. I'm loving that bicycle Diana!!! I'm so excited you posted it, I just inherited a bike similar to it from my granddaughter. I have plans to paint it too! Maybe a periwinkle or pink like yours. Thank you so much for visiting me at my blog, always nice to have you stop by.


  53. How funny! I feel for your poor Hero...LOL. I could so see you now expecting him to wear that cycling outfit!! And by the way, I LOVE your purdy pink bike!!! Enjoy your weekend, Gail

  54. Bold and bright - I think the color suits her perfectly!

  55. Love the bike. Gorgeous HOT pink. The bikers pink, not good!! LoL
    Have a great weekend.

  56. Love that bike! I too have a pink bike.Not for decor I actually ride it :-)....that's how I roll ;-)

  57. Diana, I love this new color more than the pale pink. It has so much character to go with its owner! Girl I think I may be ill with that last photo-lol.
    Have a great weekend.

  58. So Pretty and just what every garden needs. A pink bike with a hanging basket of flowers.
    Now, the guy in the pink suit has gotta go!!
    Should I save the picture of him in my file?? NOT!
    Blessings, Roxy

  59. You can ride right up to the Farmer's Market and buy a cookie. I know of three cute little girls selling cookies there. '-)

  60. Love the pink bike, Diana. It is so bright and fun. And I like how you put pink flowers in the basket.

    Now I want to go and paint something hehe. Have a fun weekend.


  61. You're just a little bit crazy..Love the bike..The biker??? Not so much :)

  62. Annnnnd...this post will be the best one to go to bed on! Looooveee the bike, and that jumpsuit is all kinds of awesome. :) Where did you find that pictue?!!!!

  63. I think I'll keep my imagination out of it! That would be an image that would be permanently engraved on my brain! I love the pink of your bike! Flashy and it goes so well with the geraniums! Cute cute cute! Hugs, Leena

  64. Bee-U-T-Ful! Love the hot pink and the geraniums. Love it!

  65. Pink looks great on the bike and the geraniums... not so much on the guy. Now that's pukey!!


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