Saturday, June 15, 2013

Loving My Lilacs

Our growing season is a little behind
in Wisconsin this year.
My lilacs are finally in full bloom.
I don't know what kind they are
but they are highly scented.
A larger shot of the bush.
Aren't they just gorgeous?
There is another big bush next to that one.
I think it probably needs trimming
this Fall-pruned back a bit so it
produces more heavily.

Along the foundation under 
my bedroom window I have
Columbine blooming and
buds on the peonies.
I love the deep cornflower blue of the 
I look around and talk to myself
a bit- Oh-How-Pretty!
Yep- I am pretty happy
except when I see this....
the picnic table we move from
area to area.
Right now it is under the trees...
Know what I say to myself about that?
Hope YOU have a wonderful day...
as for me-this day is for the birds!
I'll be checking in late from the road.
The girls and I are having way too 
much fun.
I promise to get around to visit
you all in the next day or so...
late at night...whilst they sleep....
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  1. I want to move to Wisconsin just for the lilacs!!
    And by the look of your table, you must have some good birds for me to enjoy too!

  2. Diana, The little starts of a lilac bush, I brought from my mom's old place,have bloomed this year.I was so the smell brings back so many memories. Hope you girls are all having fun on the trip. It was a long winter for you Diana, so I know you are glad to be on vacation. xoxo,Susie

  3. Diana,
    Your lilacs are beautiful!! Our were finished in May....


  4. I miss the lilacs in PA. They were my favorite flower each year but I can't grow them here in the heat of SC. Yours are just as lovely as I remember them.

    As for the table, maybe you could just place a power washer beside your table. I know I'm from "Bird Nest Cottage", but some parts of birds I'm not so crazy about either.

  5. Something else I so enjoy, but can't grow down here. So pretty, Diana.
    You and your girls be safe and enjoy the trip!

  6. the one beautiful flowering bush I do not have in my garden are Lilacs. How pretty!! I bet they smell amazing too!

  7. aren't they lovely, they are in bloom here too, everywhere, finally some color! I hope the girls are doing well with their business, I have been keeping up with them on facebook,

  8. We are a few weeks ahead of you in MI. I wish those lilacs lasted longer. The fragrance is just heavenly.

  9. Oh I want to sniff them so much.
    I had a lilac bush, but the dogs thought it was theirs and it got so bad, I finally let it rest in peace.

  10. Lilacs are so fragrant! I love when somebody brings me a bunch for my house. Beautiful!

  11. Those lilacs are gorgeous! Glad you're having a great time!

  12. Your lilacs are beautiful and one of my favorite mid-May to mid-June spring flowering bushes!

    I have about 10 bushes in my yard that we planted when they were only about 5 inches tall . . . it was a long wait for those babies to flower! But for the past 4 years, they have been flowering!

    Hey, at least you weren't sitting at the table when the birds were above! LOL!!! Although it is good luck! Ha!!

  13. I have learned recently that right after the lilacs bloom is the time to cut/prune lilacs.....not the fall....and ya cut them back by 1/3!

    Ours hardly gave us any blossoms and that's why they said; because we waited till fall and didn't prune heavily enough.

    Well let's just say we did this time, so can't wait to see them next spring.

    Lovely lovely flowers, can practically smell them from here.

  14. Oh your lilac's are gorgeous! Have a great time!

  15. Diana,
    Your lilacs are just gorgeous. Better late than never!!! I love the smell they put in the air. Beautiful purple color too.

  16. My lilacs still aren't blooming! Hope you are off having fun! Laura

  17. I can almost smell those delicious very favorite flower!

    Have a safe and fun trip. xo

  18. You're gong to need lots of Tilex, my friend....

    I have lilac envy. They don't grow down South! And I love them.....


  19. Yep, things are blooming late here, too! It was a cold wet spring this year for sure! My lilies haven't even opened yet.

  20. Your lilacs are just beautiful. The picnic table - not so much! LOL Enjoy your day!


  21. Love the flowers and have fun. Hugs, Marty

  22. Envious of your pretty lilacs. Wish we could grow them here. Enjoy your trip.

  23. So I am jealous your lilacs are blooming cause mine didn't. I've got some Columbine around the yard but haven't done a lot of anything outside.
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Hugs, Noreen

  24. I am missing my lilacs already Diana!
    I'm surprised were ahead of you,must be the lake effect.
    Have fun wherever you are now!

  25. Your lilacs are beautiful Diana! And I love Columbine. I only have one color, but I'd like to add some more. I'll have to look for a pretty blue!

  26. I think all the beauty you enjoy there must make the hard winter worth it?? I love all the blooms.

  27. Your flowers are beautiful Diana. I'm sorry to say, the table is not. Haha! Enjoy the rest of your day.


  28. My lilacs were late blooming too! But yours are lovely!Don't they smell amazing!

  29. Oh crap for sure..I can almost smell the Lilacs..lovely

  30. We were happy to find a lilac bush and tree behind the temporary home we're in right now...which will be our kid's home once we move next door. I'm not crazy for their scent indoors, but I love their fragrance outside when the breeze catches it. Peonies are Indiana's state flower, so we have tons...never get tired of them!

    We also have bird crap. Just sayin'.

  31. I think I've caught up on several of your posts-your right SweetCheeks tears would break anyone's heart-poor girl, growing up is hard sometimes.
    Little man is so darn cute-it's hard to believe he is a year old. Such a dolly (and don't tell him I called him a dolly-LOL)
    Don't you just love lilacs? I can't have them in the house but it's just as wonderful to smell them outside and I discovered my MS Ellie wafts her beautiful scent right in my bathroom window. She sure improves things in there ;-)

  32. My deck rail looks like your table. I love my bird visitors but sure do wish they'd learn some manners!

  33. Your flowers are stunning! Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers! Your table reminds me of our patio! Those birds need to learn some manners!

  34. The lilacs look beautiful! Life to the full! Melissa

  35. Oh crap indeed! All of our outdoor furniture is covered with that sticky maple tree helicopter stuff (I try not to talk in technical terms!) But some dang bird thought it was just fine and dandy to crap on the side window of my new car. gah.

  36. So beautiful... We can't beautiful lilacs here, heat index today was 101.. Hot!
    Had to laugh when I saw your table because I thought every bird in the world pooped on my car today. LOL
    Hope you and your family have an awesome Father's Day,

  37. Oh I love lilacs! They remind me of when I was young as my mom had them in her yard! The smell is unbelievable!! So jealous!!! And peonies too!!! ~~Angela

  38. Diana, I loooove your garden! cant wait to see your peonies and the pretty blue flowers are awesome! I love seeing what can grow in other countries! very jealous! but how amazing flowers are, in all their many shapes and forms, each one is a little gift from god I think... hugs to you xxx

  39. I sure wish Lilacs flourished here. They are so pretty.
    Have fun, Ginger

  40. Gorgeous! One of my favorite spring flowers, for sure. That first one looks like the one in my header. I just love them.


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