Saturday, January 12, 2013

Oh My Heart-My Sweet Sweet Heart Tutorial

I know a lot of you are
GLUE GUN fans.
As for me, I would rather
SEW instead of GLUE.

Here are some sweet little
hearts using bits and pieces
of fabric and lace.
I made this one in about 20 minutes
using the sewing machine.
Ready for a quick lesson?
You GLUE GALS might even
find this easy enough to do.
First cut 2 hearts out of fabric.
I used a rough homespun for the
outer heart.
I iron each piece as I go.
Then cut out 1 heart using a THIN
batting (like a quilt batting)
DON'T IRON the batting.
DO NOT ask me how I know this.
I place the batting ON TOP OF
the two fabric hearts.
Then I stitch all the way around
making sure to catch  all 3 pieces
(2 fabric hearts and batting)
Then turn it over.
The batting will be down and 
you will be looking at the fabric heart.
The upper left edge is turned under
in this picture-
but it, too, is stitched.
Take your scissors and slice a
hole right in the center of the fabric.
Then turn it inside out...
the batting will be sandwiched
between the two layers of fabric.
  It's gonna look ugly.
Don't worry you will be covering
the ugly later.  See? Ugly!
Now cut a smaller heart out
of a contrasting fabric.
Iron it and place it over
the ugly hole. 
Using a zigzag stitch
sew it in place.

Then cut a third smaller heart
and stitch that on top of 
the 2nd fabric using the 
zigzag stitch.
After doing that
thread an needle with 6 strands
(or 3 doubled) of embroidery floss.
Because I don't want to tie a knot
in my floss I start the stitch way
down inside the heart and pull the
thread up and into the heart
but not through it.  It will hold
itself if you don't pull it too hard.
Place a long running stitch around 
the heart following the shape.
When you have gone all the way 
around, put your needle through
the back of the fabric and snip it off.

I added a ribbon bow and
a "gem" on the front of this one.
 To finish it off- I added a ribbon
hanger and kissed it closed with an
X Stitch.
So....even if you are not a sewer,
these are pretty easy.
Pretty Sweet, Huh?

These two took me less than an hour
from start to finish.
Holy Sweetness!!!!!
Sure better for you than 
(Made in town here by Seroogy's)
Hmmmm...wonder which heart
SweetCheeks will want?
I'm betting on the sugar!


  1. What precious hearts. Love the bits of lace and bows. Oh boy, the candy looks delicious. Valentine's Day will be here before you know it!
    Enjoy your Saturday!

  2. These are so very sweet, Diana! Pretty as can be, sweet. Great tutorial too!

  3. Well, how did you find time to do that??? I thought you were busy yesterday. Love the little hearts. Have you thought about doing a banner with them??
    I know which one that youngin' is going to pick.
    That's a no brainer.

  4. Those are so neat, I would have a problem though, I don't know how to use an iron...

  5. Thanks so much for the tutorial. I have a sewing machine you know? Maybe I should try making some hearts! Yours turned out beautiful. I love them!

  6. Thanks so much for the tutorial. I have a sewing machine you know? Maybe I should try making some hearts! Yours turned out beautiful. I love them!

  7. I LOVE guilt free sugar!
    Just as cute as ever, Sweet D!
    Thanks for showing us how!

  8. Darling. Super tutorial too. I wish I enjoyed sewing or even owned a sewing machine. I love crafting but didn't inherit the sewing gene from my talented mom.

  9. Good Morning Friend, Your hearts are so sweet!The The sweets look yummy! Have a great day, Anna

  10. I think sweet cheeks could know how to get BOTH kinds from you!!!

  11. Just look at you sewing cute little hearts. I don't sew or glue. Just paint.

    Those hearts are beautiful...and a wonderful tutorial. I have a sewing machine I received 3, maybe 4 years ago for Christmas and I have never opened the might be the time...ya think.
    There are no ends to your talent...that's why I adore you so...I love that you said how they are sealed with a kiss when you make an x on the hanging ribbon...that is the heart of a very kind person.
    pass the tissue
    hugs and prayers

  13. Diana, You did a great job showing the rest of us how to make a pretty heart. I think both were pretty. Oh yes, SC will want some of those sugary treats....then she'll run the calories right back off:):)xo,Susie

  14. Those are sooo pretty Diana!... I LOVE the one with the watch face on it... I am not a sewer although Jack bought me a nice sewing machine several years ago... it took me a year to learn how to thread it!... you need to have an Etsy shop... I would snatch up everyone of those you sold!... xoxo Julie Marie PS LOVE cinnamon hearts too!...

  15. Just so precious, Diana, and a well-detailed tutorial! As for SweetCheeks, perhaps she will want both!

  16. Oooooo! I love these little sweet hearts. Thanks for the tutorial and Valentine's Day will be here before we know it.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. Awesome! Love it! I should sew more again. I used to do it a lot! Cute idea!

  18. Getting ready for the big day - Valentines?

  19. These are marvelous and you are inspiring me to go see what I can do with this idea. Thank you, I needed a little kick in the pants to get me back into my studio.
    You are a sweetie pie.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  20. Your hearts are so sweet...I love this easy idea...I think I could even do it! Thank you for sharing....oh how I want some of these lovely little candy gummy hearts...I have seen them in stores but have not purchased any yet...maybe it is time to test them out!!!! Hugs to you for a wonderful weekend. xo

  21. The little hearts you made are so adorable, Diana! Excellent tutorial! I know why you don't iron the batting, too!

  22. These are just so precious! What a lovely tutorial it's putting me in the mood for Valentine's Day! Thank you so much for sharing with us! Hugs, Jennifer

  23. The hearts are beautiful. The candy hearts look good too!

  24. Your hearts are so sweet ... I'm ready to tackle something like that myself (may even try the sewing part) You did good! I'm sure SweetCheeks will adore them.

  25. Those are so pretty. Wish I had paid more attention to my Mom as she sewed, crocheted, etc. Would love to make some things like that for our granddaughter. SC will love all that you give her, I'm sure.

  26. Those are cute! I'm a gluer myself since I don't own a sewing machine. I can do amall project hand sewing like you did though. It does make for a cleaner project if you can sew.

  27. Darling pillows! Very cute for gifts

  28. I didn't know you could to this too, Diana, woman of many talents! I used to have a large box full of scraps and trims for my someday plan of making hearts! It never happened and I gave it to my daughter-in-law who does things like this so beautifully too. This is so pretty and I bet we'll be seeing ones like yours on Etsy soon. Those hearts to eat look yummy. Tell SweetCheeks to enjoy one for me, please.


  29. Adorable! How nice to have the talent to just whip up some cute hearts! I have ZERO sewing skills :)

  30. I like both sewing and hot gluing...if I need the piece to be washable, then sewing it is! lovely hearts

  31. these are so pretty and it sort of sounds easy????
    Can I use my steamer instead of an iron??
    I think I'll just admire yours from afar-LOL

  32. So sweet, the perfect Valentine's Day heart! I can't wait to hear about SweetCheeks...all about it!!!! :)

  33. Hi Diana,
    Those hearts are so pretty! Love it! Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial!

  34. You're right, pretty sweet! I will probably have to try this project soon. I was trying to think of a 'neat' Valentine project and I am less likely to get hurt sewing than gluing!

    When I was teaching doll classes, oe of my students took her Heat n Bond out of her bag and commented on how wrinkled it was. Before I could say a word, she reached out and ironed it to my ironing board cover. Luckily, it was glue side down!

    Happy weekend,

  35. These are adorable.......would you please join the heart swap.

  36. This is precious, Diana! I wish I could sew. I should have paid more attention in Home Economics class!


  37. Happy Valentines day, looks like your all set for this sugary day, love the diy tut..

  38. Great Valentine which one did Mr S pick

  39. Oooh, Diana! I need to get my sewing machine going again ~ Mr. B always has to "fix" the tension! I love could sandwich a little dried lavender or rosemary in there, too!
    Hope your weekend is wonderful, my friend!

  40. Diana,
    Your hearts are so creative and sweet. My mom taught me to sew when I was younger, but I can only do simple stuff. I bet I could make these. I love the clock on it. Yes, SweetCheeks would definately love the red hearts....yummy.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  41. I need to share your blog with my sister. She sews all the time. She does a lot of other interesting things with thread and cloth too.

  42. These are very sweet, Diana, but I am guessing SweetCheeks is going for the sugar :)

  43. How pretty,Diana! You make it look almost easy, even for us non-sewers! They would be great as part of a Valentine's Day vignette. Thanks for the great tutorial!!

  44. These are so pretty...I pinned them! May have to try my hand at this! Hugs, Penny

  45. I love your precious hearts and I agree with you that sewing is better than glue. It's so much more permanent and long-lasting. Let's face it, if your going to put the time into it, make it last.

  46. I think cutting that hole in the center of the heart is brilliant. You should patent that! I always use the seam but it never looks perfect. Really, really cute!

  47. Those are so sweet Diana! I am hoping to take some time to make a few Valentine things to put on etsy!

  48. I think SC will take a heart and the candy...I'm waiting to see which one she likes best and why.
    Her explanations and opinions are the best!
    Yes, batting and a hot iron aren't very good friends...don't ask, don't tell! LOL
    Sewing cute things like these little hearts are instant gratification when you get the sewing bug...thanks for sharing your tip.
    xo, Tina

  49. Oh...those hearts are adorable! You did a great job making them. But..I think Sweetcheeks will like those yummy candy ones best! smile...

  50. Sweet, sweet, sweet! They would look cute hanging from a ribbon or several in a basket together.
    SC will definitely go for those candy hearts, I think. I know I would.

  51. What sweet little hearts! Wouldn't a bowl full of those be darling? Thanks for sharing!


  52. Hi Di,
    Don't iron the batting... thank you it's the first time I laughed today, you are such a dork!

  53. cute project. And just when is it that you have time to sew?

  54. Look at you, that is adorable! I had a piece of candy too!


  55. How cute! I can't sew much but I do like making little thingies like these. I made some larger ones once and added dried lavendar to the stuffing. They smelled yummy! I woudl never use glue on cute little hearts like these - promise! LOL! Hugs, Leena

  56. They're gorgeous Diana!
    Wow you could make a ton of these for Christmas ornaments ( wouldn't that be beautiful ? )
    Great tutorial too

  57. Those hearts are adorable! I always admire someone who is crafty. When it comes to sewing, I am not!

  58. LOVE these sweet hearts!! So cute!!

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for your visit!!


  59. Oh my goodness! These hearts are gorgeous! I think I will use your lovely tutorial and make a bunch of them to put on a grapevine wreath for my kitchen!

  60. So cute..I'll bet on the sugar too..

  61. Super cute and so easy too!

  62. Very cute and a great tutorial! I'd rather sew than use a glue gun but I'd rather use mod podge than a sewing machine! :)

  63. Those hearts are so cute! Well done!


  64. Diana, These hearts are so sweet! I am definitely a glue gun gal, but can appreciate a hand (machine) sewn craft. I may have to dust off my sewing machine and give it a whirl. Thanks so much for sharing! :-)

  65. They are very pretty! I like to sew, but I need to be in the sewing mood! I like the one with the cherries!

  66. Diana, these hearts are so cute. What a great tutorial you share with excellent directions and pics. I do sew a bit too and although I do use a glue gun, some things just need to be sewn.
    I love the candy at the end. They look so delicious.
    Thank you for this inspiration.
    XO Celestina Marie

  67. So adorable!!!!
    Hope you are doing well!!!

  68. You are so cute and creative! I need a sweet heart like this! It has been a rough couple of months at the office. But we are working out from under the madness the lady Theresa created! I pray for her. I think she is mentally ill and always believed that from six years ago when she first came into the office.
    I love those jelly cinnamon hearts! Yum!

  69. I love your evolution of a heart.

    And, thanks for the idea of sewing the heart all the way around and then snipping a hole to turn it. Since you were covering up that part, it works. I am going to try one this weekend since rain is forecast.


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