Nana Diana Takes A Break

Nana Diana Takes A Break

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Promised Them A Pink Valentine Tree

Now I KNOW some of you
are going to be thinking...
Okay! That is TOO much. may be TOO MUCH
but  I think there are 
three little girls that will
think it is just perfect!
Now I ask you- Is that cute, or what?
More?  You want more?
Little boxes of candy tucked here and there.
And the hearts I showed you how to make here
And a topper made by my sweet Tete.
Tete rhymes with Sweet...
and Pete and neat and...okay..I quit
It's perfect, isn't it?
At the base is a sweet crocheted
table topper that belonged to my mother.
This was made by Lulu last year.
Every tree needs an angel
Soft and Pretty
Love it...
Pinkly Pretty
This little beauty sits in the bay window
in the front sitting room
in front of the old leaded glass window
I saved from the junk pile.
And, now that you have enjoyed 
A Bit Of Beauty
I give you 
My understanding is that he is
Anyone interested?


  1. I love that pink tree. It's perfect for your sweet Valentines.

  2. Oh, Diana! The tree is perfect! The girls are going to love it! What a beautiful Valentine's memory for them! Very pretty!

  3. What a pretty in pink tree Diana -
    The girls will love it!
    But I'm getting worried about their Nana and the almost naked men she keeps posting photos of!!!

  4. I love the pink tree. Its so pretty.

  5. Good Afternoon Diana, What a fabulous pink Valentine's tree, your grand daughters are going to love it.
    Don't laugh, but our daughters are much older and live in different countries, so at Christmas, we have the traditional green tree and also a pink tree in honour of our girls... we hang all the decorations which they is perfect.
    Best Wishes

  6. LOL when I saw the title I was wondering how much glitter would be involved! Such an AH-dorable tree.

    Do I must needs bring a Scottish dirk to stab through his heart on our date? :/


  7. Oh my gosh! It is soooooo beautiful! Your grandkids are so blessed to have a grandma like you--who makes everything extra special. I love each and every handmade ornament. They are sooooo pretty. And your topper...and aha! I noticed the angel that I sent you last year! That made my heart melt.

  8. I love it and that flower I sent you is perfect for the top. I have one on top of mine in brown and off white, like chocolate!

  9. LOL - Thank you so much for the sweet - and salty - chuckle. I needed it this morning.


  10. I used to have one of those trees too!It was out for Christmas,valentines day and Easter!Yours is decorated so pretty!

  11. Sweet tree! But the guy...not so much!
    I do love your pink Valentines tree, what a fun idea!

  12. I love the tree, you can keep that fellow all to yourself!

  13. Diana, I love the valetine's tree. Your little g.daughters will too. I am not so much into tatoos, ouch. Looks like that fellow isn't into valetines . You must be feeling better and getting back to your onery self. :):)xoxo,Susie

  14. Love it all, and so happy you rescued that window. But no, not interested. I prefer my ink on paper.

  15. I adore your sweet Valentine tree and now I'm inspired to get my pink tree out and decorate it for Valentine's! Now, where do you keep getting all the photos of these men, Diana?

  16. What an adorable tree, Diana! I love all of your hearts, and the pretty tree topper by Tete! I bet the girls are so excited! The last picture? Well, I could do without that one, I am NOT a tattoo lover! Geez, I'm starting to worry about you Diana! Is it the meds you're on or what?:)

  17. It looks like your little man, there has been to the tattoo parlor and the body piercer. His heart has been pierced so many times it just might have cause permanent damage. But hey, he has nice hair, so that's worth something - right?
    And yes the valentine's are cute! My girls aren't into making valentine's yet, but as soon as they're old enough not to eat the glue, I'll have to try that.

  18. you're gonna need some pink Pepto after all that pink candy. And post that guy's number. I have a ton of female friends would love to take him out

  19. The valentine tree is pinkly beautiful. I know the girls will love it.

    Yes, I think I might be interested. He sure beats your last choice. LOL

  20. All those tattoos turn me off but there must be someone out there who likes them otherwise they wouldn't bother to go through all that pain to have them needled into their skin.

  21. The crochet piece adds the perfect finishing touch to your tree. Love it!

  22. Your tree is gorgeous...I may have to copy that tree topper! Have a wonderful week end....hugs, Penny

  23. I love your new blog!!
    I also have a pink Christmas/valentines tree, so NO. It is not over the top, it is perfect!!
    What's up with the picture of that guy. And why are you trying to get him a date???

  24. I love your fu-fu tree!
    As for the guy, I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. He's not my type at all!

  25. What a cute tree-I think the girls will love to see it.
    It's all those special little touches that make it so sweet.
    The guy, not so much...

  26. Love the sweet tree...

    The man?

    much! :)



  27. Diana,
    Oh! how wonderful!
    I LOVE the pink tree!!!!!
    What a great idea! I love all the lace Valentine ornaments.
    You have just created long lasting memories. Your sweet grandchildren will remember this always.
    It's just perfect!
    Have a wonderful week.

  28. You have just reinforced my desire for a Valentine tree. Next year or bust! About your hunk of the day--since R.H. is still around, I'll have to pass.

    However, if you could see one of my son's ink and know what a sweetheart he is, you would understand that I've learned not to judge a book by its cover!

  29. Your pink tree is adorable. You may have to add a GI Joe or two to it though for the boys.

  30. Hi Diana, Again you are making me crack up. Sending love to you today....big hugs.

  31. Cute tree! Perfect for little girls to decorate.

  32. Love the keep your can keep him too...

  33. Oh sweet lady, how lucky to have your little girls next to you and they're also so lucky to have such a beautiful, warm and inviting grammy! I love that tree...if I'm lucky and my little girls come, maybe I'll even copy this lovely idea! Such fun to come over and see you, I always leave with a smile, or even cracking up!! GAIN...I don't care for this Valentine guy, LOL!!! Big hugs,

  34. LOL! I'm just going to say up front that I think those tats are photoshopped and he's cute.
    If my choices are Guido, the Sasquatch or pretty boy...I'll take him. Wounded heart and all.
    The girls are going to love the pink tree. I'm worried about this weekend when you add $459 worth of glam to it. I hope it can handle the load.
    Hugs, Tina

  35. What a darling tree! I'm not a little girl anymore, well, I guess I am in my head! :) I love it!
    That guy looks like he's been in prison! I hear they get all tooed up there! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  36. That tree couldn't be more perfect! You can never have too much pink around where girls are concerned.:-)

    Now, to the other "image." Everybody I know seems to have a full calendar. Sorry.

    xo Nellie

  37. Love it! It's so sweet! I should turn my pink Christmas tree into a Valentine's tree1 I have heart shaped hot pink lights I could use! Hmmmm maybe I can gather supplies and get the little ones to help me make ornaments! Hugs, Leena

  38. Love your Valentine tree...beautiful!


  39. I love the tree! Perfectly pink & girly! The girls are going to love it.
    As for the man....he kind of looks familiar. No idea why though.

  40. Darling tree - it's that last pic that is TOO MUCH! Honestly I'm about to split a gut here over your last few posts! My hubby is getting a laugh out of them too! Thanks so much, our life is so much better with you in it!

  41. Very nice. Well, not the dude with the tattoos.

  42. Let's hope he isn't aiming for a life of crime~he'd be SO easy to identify!
    Love the tree!

  43. Pink perfection! Oh, and not looking for a date. I'll pass.

  44. Your tree is adorable! The girls will love it! The guy...Well he can keep looking


  45. Pretty pretty pink tree, but the fellow is a bit young for me.

  46. Is there such thing as "too much pink"? Not for me! Beautiful!
    And YES, your grand daughters are gonna love it!!

  47. Diana,
    That tree is so so cute. The girls should love it especially since you made it for them. I love conversation hearts brings back so many fun memories of growing up and getting those for valentines day. Really cute.

  48. Oh now who is the brat?!?! You posted yet ANOTHER ugly man. Well at least the nightmares will be a little better. Not much, but a little. And you got me here with the deceptive little cute Valentines tree. Shame on you! Romeo says "mew iz a brat, but Iz still luff mew".



  49. Its not to much!!
    It's really cute!!
    Nice pics ;))

  50. I'm okay with the cute, pink Valentine tree but the dude is way too much of a drama queen for me!

  51. How gorgeous Diana! I love your neat ideas and all your handywork.
    Who is that guy? I could have taken a pic of Clay Mathews or Aaron Rodgers.
    Stay warm,

  52. Dianna,
    LOL!! you crack me up!!

    LOVE your sweet pink Valentine's Day tree!!

    So very pretty!!


  53. OH MY GOSH! I think that is the cutest Valentines Tree!! Your granddaughter is going to LOVE it if she hasn't already seen it. I love where you have it too. That red framed leaded glass window is the perfect backdrop. So creative and every little girls dream.

  54. I think I could stand for hours and look at this tree. Every bit of decoration seems to have a story ... and we all know that I LOVE stories!

    The tattooed guy is kinda cute ... I like tattoos, and his seem to be done well. I don't think my husband will let me date, tho.

  55. Love the pink tree! I see "Allison" tattoed in there?

  56. I'm so jealous....that tree is so perfect and I would love be able to celebrate all these great little holidays with my B....the girls are so lucky to have you near for all this fun stuff...I get so sad when I realize B has nobody to have some fun with....

  57. I'm glad you are feeling better. Your posts always make me smile. =0)

  58. Oh my gosh! You are in serious Valentine mode! I'm so impressed/envious. I need to get my act together. I only do homemade Valentines and I' haven't even started! I love what you've done.

  59. Yes, you would have a Valentine's tree Diana! Now I KNOW your grandkids are spoiled! It's lovely as always. And not a bit over-the-top. For little girls that is. ;) Now about that date....I think I'll pass! Have a great one!


  60. That is the CUTEST Valentine's Day tree ... ever! I love that you added tiny boxes of candy ... the angel is so pretty, and I know your 3 special little ladies love it! (And, uh ... whoa ... think he's been stabbed in the heart a couple of times? Eek!)


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