Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Elf On The Shelf

Presents For Everyone!
SweetCheeks Goes First!
Her birthday celebration
extended a couple of days.
She reads her cards now.
And loves everything-no matter
what she gets.
Uncle MamasBoy helps her
with some of the harder words.
MamasBoy's birthday was worth
a little extra recognition, too.
SweetCheeks returns the favor
and helps him read HIS card.
Whatever it said
was pretty funny.
SweetCheeks couldn't stand
how loud he laughed so
Ria took her place.
Do you know what he is laughing at?
He is laughing over the comics
on Bubblegum wrappers.
He likes an audience!
Actually, he is 
Also adding to the 
The Amazing BigBoyE
doing his upside down
While sweet little
looked on.
After presents we watched
The Christmas Story
Can you believe I had 
never seen it?
Lots of food,
a game or two that
produced a lot of laughs
and everyone went home
with this.
And if you click on the picture
above it will take you to an
Elf on the Shelf giveaway.

Yep- You get to live with an
Elf on the Shelf
and I get to live with this....
MyHero with a
Penguin costume on.
My!  What a big beak you have!
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  1. I can't believe you have never seen that movie. Must live in a cave!
    Looks like the birthday fun was the best part of the day.
    That costume needs to be packed away. Yep, it does.

  2. Diana, I want to join your family. You all the have so much fun.

  3. Great birthday, and you can now hide that costume until next Halloween, you know.

  4. Fun! Fun! Fun! Happy Birthdays!!!! xoxoxo

  5. Those children are precious Mama's Boy is funny!!

  6. Nice to see such big smiles! Hope you all are feeling better today.

  7. Morning, Diana! What a lot of sweet smiles! I love it. Now you've got to see that movie girl! I've just bought my first Elf on the Shelf and she's a hoot!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. So much fun Diana... I hope everyone is feeling better now!... I love Elf on a Shelf!... xoxo Julie Marie

  9. Diana, You guys are just having way too much fun.:):) Those boys have the prettiest eyes. Little monkeys.:):)Your Hero wasn't wearing that costume when you first met, was he?? I didn't think so. We have a couple December birthday also. xoxo, Susie

  10. Oh I forgot to tell you...everytime my girls think someone wants to cuss...they say "butta-finga" Yes, they could quote every line of that movie. xo, Susie

  11. Everyone is having such a great time! love seeing that. The penguin costume is so funny LOL.I hope you are all feeling better.

  12. Looks like you guys had way too much fun, Diana! I hope you and SC are feeling better. And I don't even want to know why your Hero just happened to have a penguin costume! (I thought he was just some big strange bird, I didn't realize it was a penguin!)

  13. It was wonderful to see them all smiling and happy and having a wonderful birthday party.

  14. Such a lovely family. So many smiles shows a happy family. Thanks for sharing your sweet family photos.

  15. What fun, Diana! I hope everyone who has not been feeling well is showing signs of improvement at this point.

    xo Nellie

  16. That movie is hilarious! Love it, love it, love it!! Your Charles sure is Big Baby Blue Eyes!

  17. Your family is so dang funny-
    can't help but laugh along even if you have no idea what is so funny-LOL

  18. What a great family celebration Diana!
    I just love the looks on your son's face.
    And those little grand-boys are so dang cute!

  19. It looks like everyone is on the mend. Never seen the movie (I don't watch a lot of movies). I like the Elf on the Shelf idea. It sounds like fun.

  20. laugh is a good medicine! hope everyone is feeling better today

  21. Laughter is the best medicine and it looks like you get a good dose at your house. I can't believe my eyes! You have never see A Christmas Story? One of our favorites that I (force) our family to sit through every Christmas so I feel like a family even though they think they're all grown up!

  22. Too fun Diana! Him laughing so hard at the bubblegum comics is a hoot! We have a grandson who will turn 12 tomorrow. Helps to make a sad day in history a happy one. Looks like all had a great time. Love little guys blue eyes. No, I can not believe you had never seen that movie before.

  23. Looks like a fun time! You aren't alone...I've never seen A Christmas Story either! Well now that you've seen it, I guess I'm alone! Lol
    So jealous over the Elf on the Shelf. Why couldn't they have had that out when my kids were small? I would have had a lot of fun with it.

  24. Sounds like a good time was had by all. That's what lovely memories are made of and you have plenty of those, that's for sure. Enjoy your big Penguin. He sounds like such a good sport and you too, of course, Diana!

  25. Diana,
    Isn't 'A CHRISTMAS STORY' the funniest movie? It is one of my favorites for sure. We watch it every year together. I love that little Elf on the shelf. I would like to have him.

  26. Once again I got a great laugh! Thank you!

    Flora Doora

  27. Diana, I enjoyed laughing and opening gifts with your sweet family. I love all the family nick names.
    Love to all, Ginger

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