Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This Bath Is For The Birds

Want to see a 
Sure you do!
I bought a heated
bird bath to keep 
water close by the
feeders for our
feathered friends.
It is functional but
No stand?
No problem.
I wired it to an old
milk can I have had 
for years.
Pretty tacky looking, huh?
It's okay, you can agree
with me- 
It sits on a rubbermaid
top so that it doesn't 
get rust on the patio.
because MyHero hates rust
and likes to scold me about it

With a little help from my
Partner In Crime
oldest son,
we (ahem) borrowed some
greens from an abandoned
Don't ask where because
I want to go back next year
and if I tell YOU all my 
greens will be gone.

This is at the base of my
back stoop so I can get 
to it easily to fill it with
fresh water.
We my son  wrapped this
baby with greenery,
tying it as he went.
Now it looks better AND 
I think that the birds will be
more inclined to use it.
Not bad huh? 
And the morning after
we woke up to snow.
Sweet white snow.
If I were a bird I would be
inviting all my friends over for a
if I didn't have to put on a
bathing suit, that is.


  1. How fun! You are so kind to the birds. My husband loves to feed the birds. Maybe I should find him a heated bird bath too.

  2. How lovely! What a perfect way to dress it up! You really know how to spoil the birds in your area!

  3. I love it!!...really, it looks beautiful!

  4. This is so sweet of you, thinking of the birds in the winter and it looks very festive! You had snow? Wow!


  5. Beautiful way of dressing up the bird bath, Diana! I hope the birds know how lucky they are to have you around. I can't believe you have snow!!!

  6. Oh, I'll bet the birds are really enjoying their "winter wonderland." That is such a clever fix. Good helper you had!

  7. That is the prettiest and most natural bird bath I have ever seen!
    How clever! They will love it!

    Flora Doora

  8. Wow Diana, that does look much better. I have trimmed branches on our pines and used for decorations.May be doing that today even. xoxo, Susie

  9. That looks so beautiful Diana, and I know the birdies will love it!... xoxo Julie Marie

  10. I love it but then again even if it did not have the green foliage I would love. I just love any thing for the birds.

  11. Gee, you made a hot tub for the birds:) They probably love you so much for doing this sort of like the birds in Cinderella? lol.

  12. lol. Yeah, the bathing suit part wouldn't be so fun...

    Love this idea for the birds. I've got to get a water heater set up. We still have no snow cover, so I haven't been feeding yet. the bird feeder is re-painted a bright red so they can see it amidst all the snow when it comes - and now I need to set up a waterer too. Good idea!! You will have very happy birds!

  13. You are so sweet..your birds are going to love you for this! Happy day to you.

  14. you. you .. are simply a hoot. you make me giggle and i so appreciate that. :) *love* the bird bath, even w/o the greenery. it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful (~the nester).

  15. I like how you disguised it! I had a heater for a bird bath years ago.But it was so cold it just froze and never really worked :-(

  16. How creative!Snow! Oh, I wish we had it in Georgia! It's going to be in the 70's this weekend! Love the birdbath!

  17. Neat idea, those birds will probably like the privacy for their baths, and drinks, better.
    Keep the snow, this Southern Belle doesn't want any of that stuff.

  18. What a great idea Diana! I love how it looks too. It almost needs a bow on it but a few cardinals will do.

  19. Do birds really bather in the winter or is a bird bath more for drinking? And I think the milk can is pretty. I like old milk cans. There is just something nostalgic about them. I have a faded barn red one in my flowerbed out front. It adds color in the winter when flowers are not in bloom.

  20. Wow-you never cease to amaze me!
    I love the way that brain of yours works-very natural looking.

  21. You're a blessing to those birds, Diana! I love how you put everything together. I never knew one could get a heated bird bath!

  22. Tell Tyler he did a good job on this. Not so sure about you and a bathing suit, but that would be better than you not having a suit on. LOL
    Don't think your rump would fit in there anyway.
    Looks like the birds could nest right there for the winter. Food, hot tub, shoot- I'ld move in.

  23. You have a hot tub for birds! It's very Aspen looking with all the great greenery. All it needs is some miniature skis and the birds are on holiday!

  24. It looks great, just blends in with the natural surroundings. I hope the birds like it.

  25. Diana, You and your son are so creative. I love the greenery around the birdbath. I have a milk can too on our patio but put an old tile under it for the same reason. Your birds are lucky! I think I told you we stopped feeding them last year because other larger birds would come kill them-I mean decapitate them and having 10-12 dead birds on the lawn was just too gross.
    Have fun decorating!
    Hugs, Noreen

  26. I was a little worried there when I first saw your birdbath, Diana! That rubbermade lid adds such a special touch:) (tee hee). It looks oh so much better now disguised with greenery!

  27. Diana, I've never seen a heated birdbath, I bet the birds love this! Great disquise you created.
    hugs, Sherry

  28. Awesome work by you and your partner in crime. And, I'm sure you look sexy in a bathing suit.
    Sorry I have been absent. I am sick, and my boys have a stomach flu, which my husband also caught. ugh.

  29. I would gladly send you some greens. Or maybe a road trip for next year.
    Love the idea. I will have to look into the heated bird baths.

  30. This looks fabulous. I was scrolling waiting to see what the "after" shot would look like and WoW...I love it. Looks fabulous. Way to go!

  31. I love the way you transformed it. It looks so great with the fresh greens. I want a lil snow too. xo

  32. If I was a bird, I would love your birdbath. The greenery was a great addition.

  33. The things we do for our feathered friends! I love how you wrapped greens around the birdbath. Hope you're enjoying the pretty snow too!

  34. Sweet idea, Diana! It DOES look so much better and the birds are going to love landing in the boughs. Will you be putting a birdbath heater in? We have a two birdbaths - one on the deck and one below - that we can see from our kitchen French doors. Since the water stays nice and warm, we have visitors all winter long. Even the deer drink out of them! lol!

    xoox laurie

  35. Snow!?! I wonder if we will have any of that this winter. You have done a good thing for the birds. I believe if I flew around like the birds, getting all that exercise, I'd not mind putting on a bathing suit!:)

    xo Nellie

  36. You did done good girl! Love the dusting of snow. I laugh because every year I head down to my FIL's and give all his pines a good trimming. I think I'm doing him a favor, don't you? lol!

  37. I love this! It's so beautiful with the snow...lucky birds. I'd like some snow around my hot tub! We still have mosquitos. My Tyler doesn't gather pine boughs for me...I guess I need to light a fire under his butt!
    xo, Tina

  38. that is a beautiful touch!!! I hope you have many winter birds to enjoy!

  39. Clever idea. Love the idea and then adding the greenery. The birds should feel special.

  40. How clever and talented are you??? I LOVE it! Hope you get to go back for greenery many many more times. lol. O, and I am soo with you on putting on the bathing suit thing...

  41. Seriously?!? You even managed to cover up the plastic lid?!? Dang, maybe you should send the son over here to wrap a few things for us too! We could start with the Dad, who also comments a little too frequently about rust on the deck and scratches on the hardwood flooring....just a small request ;)MOL



    P.S. What happens when the greens start to drop their needles.....hehehehe got you thinking now don't I?!? Hey just trying to help you come up with the next plan MOL what are furriends for???

  42. Awesome!! That turned out wonderful and I'm sure the birds will love it! the snow was the perfect touch!! Speaking of snow we've gotten several inches and expect a warm up to the. 50's by Sunday! I guess you'll get the warmth before me!

  43. Much better..I was going to tell you to move it over to the ground so you wouldn't have to worry about the rust..

  44. Oh my goodness what a great idea!!! I love it in the snow too! Thanks so much for always stopping by and leaving such sweet comments:-)

  45. That is so cool. I didn't know they made hot tubs for birds!

  46. I love it! I'm sure that the birds love the natural surroundings too! What a clever idea! Hugs, Leena


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