Thursday, November 15, 2012


I love it.
In the North they call it
In the South they call it
At my house we call it
one of
Nana's Fat Foods.

Whatever you call it
each family has their
own special recipe.
I am gonna share my own
recipe with you.
Why get fat alone when
you can share the 
fat with a few good friends?

I have a recipe where I 
do all the messy work the 
day before.  
The morning of Thanksgiving
I just have to get up 
and stuff that baby...
or in our case...
that FAT BOY.
He weighed in at almost 
And here is what got stuffed 
up his -ahem- behind.
(and in the place where
his poor neck used to be)
So...the day before
I chop about 1-1/2 cups celery.
I cut up a huge onion.
I quarter my own and peel the
quarters- so much easier 
to get the skins off that way,
if you've never tried it.
Then I put those in a microwave
safe bowl with 1/4 cup BUTTER
and nuke microwave them for
about 6 minutes...more or less..
till they are softened.
While they are getting nuked
I brown one pound of sausage
in a pan. 
Have you ever used a potato
masher to smash up your meat?
It is the best thing ever...
but it has to be a wire one like
this to work.  
I do all my ground meat this way.
Then I chop up a can of
Water Chestnuts and a can
of Mushrooms.
When the meat is browned and
the celery/onion mix is done
I put them, along with the 
mushrooms and water chestnuts
in a tupperware container
in the fridge.
The next morning when I am
ready to stuff the 
BIG BOY (the turkey-
not MyHero)
I beat two eggs a bit and
add 1 large container 
Swanson's Chicken Broth.
I add this to 2 to 3 
large bags of stuffing crumbs.
2-1/2 bags makes my own
dressing moist enough 
for our family.
(yeah- I really wanted to lie
and be all Martha Stewartish
and say I made my own bread cubes
Here's what I use.
Then I proceed to stuff
the neck cavity and the 
area of the turkey.
Can you see he barely fits
in my roaster?

Now because my family
loves dressing I always 
make a side pan of it, too.
And...HOW do you get that
the side dish?
You know those parts nobody
I stick them on top of 
my dressing....cover with tinfoil
and bake away.
MyHero says...
You can't post that last
I say..
(you will notice that I
didn't watermark THAT one)

So, tell me...
What do you stuff
Big Boy with?


  1. Well, Diana, I live in the south so I only stuff the bird with lots of onions, celery and butter and make corn bread dressing on the side. I woke up to a picture of your big boy this morning and now I'm hungry!! YUM! Have a great day.

  2. Sounds delicious. We call it stuffing even though we live down south!

  3. I will try your version! I don't have a favorite recipe yet! I use the same stuffing mix. I'm going to get a small turkey and I will try your idea with the discarded parts for flavoring! I do love a good stuffing! Thx for sharing!

  4. Your stuffing mix sounds delicious Diana! We call it stuffing in our neck of the woods!! Enjoy your day, Gail

  5. Hi Diana, Can I come to your house for Thanksgiving? Just kidding, All I have to do is show up at my son and daughter-in-law's house. She is making a new stuffing and I can't wait to try it. She loves to cook and try new things. I have enjoyed catching up reading your blog this morning before I leave for work. Sweetcheeks picture is adorable and I love the turtle cake. The year has passed so fast. Have a wonderful weekend and Thanksgiving. I am taking mine one day at a time. Hugs and Prayers Your Missouri Friend

  6. Oooh Diana, I want to come eat at your house!... I love water chestnuts in dressing!... I always make Jack's Nana's recipe... 35 years now... seems to be working, and we love it!... plus, it brings back happy memories for Jack... his Nana passed away before I met him, but I think she is happy I still make her dressing for him!... and I am sure you are a MUCH better cook than Martha!... she probably has her own chef and doesn't really do a thing... xoxo Julie Marie

  7. OK because nobody else said it - I will - Your Hero is right - that last photo looks obscene - get it outta there lmho!!!
    Your dressing sounds incredible - your turkey looks incredible -
    Now get rid of the food porn

  8. I cannot imagine a 30 pound bird. Mine is 12 1/2 pounds....
    My bird is being smoked, not roasted this year, so I'll make dressing on the side. Cornbread and celery, onions, lots of sage, chicken, and all the other good stuff that goes in it, my recipe came from a cookbook from highschool home ec teachers, and I've played around with it, to make it my own.

  9. Love it! So so smart...the potato masher for meat! Of course. And, the extra stuffing with the neck etc, of course! Genius! I have never done either of those things before. We going out for Thanksgiving, but will for sure do this at Christmas! I stuff my boy with chestnuts (canned and cooked). I usually get them at William's Sonoma but they were already out and said no more even for Christmas. Hope I find them elsewhere. Maybe I'll make your stuffing this year!! :)

  10. Diana, Your stuffing sounds so good. I once saw an elderly lady on the tonight show with Johnnie Carson..this is her recipe for stuffing. 2c.bread crumbs, chopped celery/onions and a cup of popcorn. She told Johnnie when the popcorn pops and blows the a** of that bird, it's done. :):) Of course Johnnie was rolling on his desk. Smiles, Susie

  11. I love stuffing. It is my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner. I always cook the turkey the day before, defat the turkey broth the next day and cook celery and onion in some of the broth with poultry seasoning and a couple of chicken bouillon cubes until tender. Then I pour this over day old bread that I have torn into bits. No seasoning needed. Bake at 350 till nice and brown in a large pan.
    You recipe sounds delicious.

  12. Being a "southern girl," I bake the cornbread dressing in a side dish, but will put an onion and fresh herbs in the turkey cavity. We like lots of sage! xo Nellie

  13. Just herbs in our turkey's back end. I make 2 different side dished. One for Hubby and the boys it is much like your recipe. The other is corn bread stuffing for us gilrs. Thanks for making me hungry!!!!

  14. This is one gigantic bird!! The biggest I ever made was about 25 but that is when we had company.

    Your stuffing recipe sounds delicious and I love the advice about putting the neck on top of the stuffing. I bet it makes it juicier. I'd love to add more than celery and onion but my kids would freak. We had sausage in the dressing a few times at my sister's house and they loved it, but when I tried to do it they rebelled!

    I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating with your family last weekend! :)


  15. wow Thats a huge turkey, we called it dressing here, and my recipe is almost like yours minus the chestnuts and mushrooms, you always make me smile!

  16. I don't stuff it, I dress it :) gotta love english language!

  17. yum!!! we call it stuffing because we get so stuffed eating it. i love it! your recipe is delicious..I can tell!

  18. Thanks for the recipe, Diana! It sounds delicious! Also, thanks for the laugh! You always make me feel cheerful when I read you.

  19. Hi again sweetie... okay... have you been sipping the wine again instead of cooking with it... those are bears in my post dressed as Pilgrims, not pigs, tee hee hee!!!... xoxo Julie Marie

  20. mmmm...that looks delish Diana. I have seriously never seen a Turkey that big before!

  21. I've never even seen a turkey that big. We stopped stuffing the turkey years ago when they said it was dangerous so I fix stuffing outside the bird and I definitely know it is never as good as yours!

  22. We don't stuff, but do dressing instead. I make Paula Deen's cornbread dressing. It is really good. I think it's nice that you have a traditional recipe to follow every year though.

  23. We have a traditional stuffing too passed down from generations in my husband's family. I'm sure my daughters will use the same recipe when they start doing the holiday dinners (which I'm hoping will be soon!) I'm ready to pass the torch. Your dressing sounds wonderful too. Or is it stuffing? Or the fat stuff?

  24. This blog makes me want to take the rest of the day off work and go stuff a big boy. Wait, that doesn't sound right.

    I've done a whole onion, and a lemon. Stalks of celery, not chopped. You're making me want to branch out.

  25. yummy!!!1 Stuffing (north!) is best part of THanksgiving! Cameos on the bracelet would be great! I have yet to find a good jewelry/fabric glue that I really like. Do you have any suggestions?

  26. I stuff my turkey with 2 sticks of butter. That's it. Dressing, if made in the oven and not on top of the stove goes in its own dish, with turkey broth after the turkey is done.
    But we now only use stove top stuffing. Perfect every time. The key is to mix different flavors of them. We do chicken and corn bread together and this year, we found a new one, apple.
    If you lay your turkey breast side down, your white meat is juicy. Same with baking a chicken. You don't have to cover the wings and legs with foil, either.

  27. We call it dressing and I could just eat it all the time and by itself. Thanks for your recipe and it sounds so good. So glad to know you've got a post up and ready to go for our Ceekay. I've bought my little elf and will always think of her when I see it.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  28. I grew up calling it dressing, but now call it stuffing. Since I am on a gluten free diet and everyone else likes cornbread stuffing, my waistline will be happy this year. Also, we are baking a chicken instead of a turkey. I'm happy. It will be a lot less trouble.


  29. I am not sure anything smells better than making home made stuffing! I can't wait!! This looks wonderful.

  30. That looks soooo Yummy-now I want to go eat something. I usually fool around with my dressing each
    If you ever watch "The Chew" show, I thought their final call was-
    In the bird-stuffing
    Out of the bird-dressing
    Sort of makes sense but they were still at it when credits rolled.

  31. Cornbread stuffing with onions, celery, giblets, and lots of sage! Yum!

  32. Our family loves the "old family recipe" which has celery, onions, mushrooms, black olives, raisins, and a combo of white and wheat bread plus some seasonings. You know that last picture you didn't watermark? I throw those parts away to my grand mother's horror. She used to include those parts in the stuffing, but now that I make it I have adjusted the recipe.

    XO Danielle

  33. Yours sounds yummy. I will have to come up with a gluten free recipe. I love oyster dressing.

  34. Wow, this sounds and looks so yummy! You're right we don't stuff here we make cornbread dressing! Too funny! I see where Sweet Cheeks gets her sense of humor and good looks! :) Now, I'm not the best cook and that last picture, well....

  35. No big bird for us. Smoked duck on our menu. ;-)
    I'm married to an individualist who rules the kitchen.
    I just set the table and bake the pies..
    Growing up, we had cornbread dressing......still my favorite.

  36. We always called it dressing growing up. Guess 'cause we are from Southern Michigan, haha! Now we call it stuffing. Yours sounds amazing! That last picture, not so much!! Oh, and I must admit that we now use Stove Top! We all love it!!

  37. Would it be weird if I said I never actually stuffed my bird? ;)
    My husband's aunt makes the "coveted" stuffing every year. I wouldn't dream of even attempting to make it for fear they'd run me out of town on a rail!

  38. Looks just wonderful..It's been a long time since I stuffed a "Big Boy"..Enjoy

  39. You have my tummy growling . . . Yum :) The best part about Thanksgiving is family, but the second is the feast and I'm ready for both.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  40. Okay Diana-sorry that took so long, Ryan was here working on my computer. He found a big problem and fixed it so hopefully that helps all the way around.

  41. Oh my goodness! This recipe sounds wonderful! We call it stuffing here (NC) and I make it on the side. I've never tried putting it inside the bird. I like your idea of laying the photogenic neck on top when baking, I'll try that. I followed you here from one of your comments on a blog that I follow and I'm so glad I did. I'm your newest follower. Have a great weekend!

  42. We love stuffing here! Has to be stuffing cause we stuff it in the turkey!!! Your recipe sound absolutely yummy! And we need more than just what fits in the turkey - GREAT tip on how to get the turkey taste in the side dish of it too.
    My sister has a crock pot recipe for dressing and it is so moist and yummy you never even wish for stuffing from the turkey!

  43. I never thought about it, but you are right! Personally, I like Nana's fat food! Thank you for sharing that recipe. It looks yummy! I bet the feast at Nana Diana's house is out of this world!

  44. Diana dear, watch me dodge this one by saying I do NOT stuff turkeys any more. My daughters do all the work. I make Macoroni salad, deviled eggs and candied sweet potatoes! End of story..but I am saving this recipe and passing it on. I want SOMEONE to try it. It sounds fantastic!
    ... and thank you SO much for your sweet comment on my post. I was surprised to see anyone visited me since I have not posted in so long.

  45. Your recipe looks delicious, Diana! I usually make my dressing with cornbread and make giblet gravy. I guess that's because of my southern roots!

  46. so glad to hear that you still stuff your bird. I do too. So many people won't do it anymore because of safety. Safety, ha! I remember when they use to let the bird sit out all day. I do take mine out of the bird immediately and cut all the meat off the bird. My recipe is quite a bit like yours. Don't add the sausage. I think it would be yummy. I have been making it the same for years. a combination of my moms and mil's recipes. I am proud to announce that I am Martha Stewarty and didn't even know it. lol! Really, I just do what my mom did. Any leftover bread I have throughout the year that is getting a bit old I sit out in a large bowl to dry. When it's dry I put it in gallon zip lock bags and save it for my stuffing, or dressing. I call it both. There is everything from foccacia, croissants, plain old bread, and even hamburger and hotdog buns. The day before I sit and watch t.v. and cube it all. All the different breads make for a tasty stuffing. Yours sounds super yummy!

  47. I would love to come over to your house and have dinner with your family Diana. I would also love it if you came to my house for dinner.


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