Saturday, August 4, 2012

Prayers For My Friend Laurie's Husband Please

I know a lot of my followers
also follow
Laurie's blog

Laurie, as many of you know,
has had a lot of trauma in
her life in the past few
years.....a head injury 
caused by someone
that left her with
permanent brain damage
and limited sight.
In spite of all that,
she has a positive attitude
and still paints and blogs.

This last bit of news from her
is devastating and I offered
to put out a call for prayer
for her hubby, Garry.
I am linking back to the post
about him here...but his
condition has worsened since
that post.

Please, please, please
take a moment to 
lift his name up in prayer...
asking for a successful surgery
and a calm spirit for Laurie.
She is scared and
beside herself with

Thank you so much.
I know it will bring her
some peace.

If you have a moment
pop by her blog and 
let her know we are
all supporting her.
Thank  you guys- 
you're the best!

Edited to add this email
from Laurie:
Garry had another episode last night, pulse went crazy blood pressure 210 over 110, we went to emerge and they kept him, not sure whats going to happen, things are unstable, you are so kind , he is the tough guy act ALL the time, a call for prayers would be much appreciated, thank you so much.I believe in the power of prayer and I must admit I just was so exhausted today that I just asked the Lord to take over because I have all my trust in him.
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  1. Thanks for sharing and I'm on my way to let her know I am praying.

  2. Oh, I hate to hear this. She said he was doing better. I will certainly pray for them.

  3. Prayers said and going...xo

  4. That is so sad, Diana! I'm sorry to hear that! I'm headed over to her blog, and will be saying prayers for them both.

  5. Oh no. Headed over to see. I must have missed a post. Love that girl. You are just the sweetest keeping us informed. Been in a state of dental confusion all week and haven't caught up on my blogs.

  6. I am keeping them both in my prayers. Thanks for the are a good friend! Hugs!

  7. I will pray for Laurie and her husband.

  8. :-( heading over there now...

  9. I'm not familiar with her blog, but will immediately head on over to offer some words of hope.


  10. I have said a prayer for them both. I will check her blog out.

  11. So sad..I've been in her shoes and there is no tougher time..I'll check her blog..

  12. aww bless that swet youngin and her hubs too.. header over right now.

  13. Diana, I'm praying for Gary and Laurie. Thank you for sharing this touching story.

  14. Morning, Just read this and am popping over to leave Laurie and comment but wanted to say I'm lifting up Gary in prayer right now. Please keep us posted-I haven't seen Laurie's blog before today.
    Hugs, Noreen

  15. Hi Diana....I, too, follow Laurie's blog....I had no idea things had become so serious......prayers being sent from here...praying, praying and praying some more


  16. Will send prayers their way, thanks for sharing Diana!

  17. Praying for her, her hubby and all the medical folks who are taking care of him!

  18. thanks for letting us know. I will surely let Laurie know we are praying

  19. praying right now, and on my way to her blog to let her know she is loved and we are praying! Trusting in the Lord to carry her and Garry through this ordeal!

  20. Of course prayers said. Hope he gets well soon!

  21. I hardly ever check my Facebook wall. Maybe once or twice a week if I think about it. I looked today and saw the call for prayers for Laurie and her husband. I am so grateful I saw the messages so I can send prayers her way. Thanks for posting about this too. I wasn't aware because I am so bad about keeping up with my comments. My heart is in my feet.

  22. Diane, I know that Garry and Laurie will be alright. We serve a good and gracious God! I am praying for them both!!

  23. Hello, I went and sent good wishes and will continue to send them in my heart x

  24. Oh No! The last I read from her things were stable.
    Such scary news now. Thanks for the update Nana D.

  25. Lifting them up in prayer right now.

  26. Diana you are such a faithful prayer warrior. God bless you!!!!
    I am in prayer at this moment, God is faithful to to help us when we ask Him He loves us so very much....
    Blessing ,Dottie

  27. Diana: How wonderful for you to do this. I can't believe the sorrow this poor woman has faced. My prayers go out to her and her husband and family. Any sorrow is hard to take but she certainly has had more than her share..Judy

  28. Positive thoughts and lots of prayer being sent there way!

  29. Oh my gosh, how traumatic. Thank you, Diana. They both need some desperate prayers!

  30. Diana, definitely prayers going up for Laurie's husband. I'll let her know, too. You are such a thoughtful person to do this, Diana. xo Nellie

  31. I left a comment for Laurie as you asked and I am thankful that you told me about her. I will pray for her husband and for her.
    Thanks again, Dear Diana!

  32. Bless you for being the prayer warrior that you are, sweet Diana. I left Laurie a message and said a prayer for both her and Garry. Thank you for letting us all know she needed us. :)

    xoxo laurie

  33. Diana
    I consider Laurie one of my favorite blogging pals too.
    I'll definitely be praying fr her hubby and her.
    Thanks for keeping us updated.

  34. Hi Diana, you are a true friend indeed and I think that it is wonderful that you would open up your heart and bring Laurie forward for prayer. She is also one of my blogging friends and my heart goes out. Of course I will put her and her husband in my prayers. This is another reason why blogging has become so important and excellent . . . the exchange of love, prayer, and encouragement. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    Also in regard to your thoughtful comment left on my blog:
    I am overjoyed that my bedroom re-do is so popular. I had a lot of fun doing it, but it was a lot of work and the older I get the longer it takes to re-coop afterwards. You know, by the time I was finished with the room, I was behind on the laundry, and cleaning. By the time I got all that caught up I was dead to the world. I have this strong willpower that keeps me going until I get everything completed, but my body is getting older that my will power. It's hard to make the changes that are necessary as we age. Slowing down has never been in my vocabulary . . . but my Steve is trying to put it there, LOL. Have a wonderful week, Connie :)

  35. I am heading over now to let her know that I am praying hard for him.

  36. Said another prayer for them, just now.

  37. hugs and prayers to them both!


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