Thursday, July 26, 2012

Deviltry Afoot.

SweetCheeks descends 
 with a flurry of activity and
 an abundance of energy.
 She is not a child 
to softly pad across the floor 
and play quietly with her toys.
No, she is the child 
that brings with her 
a host of imaginary friends
and grandiose ideas and leaves 
a path of disorder
and mini-messes. 
Gotta love a kid like that!

A while back she went to visit 
Auntie Mimi & Uncle BigJ
(shown here with
Can you believe how cute
BigBoy E is below?
As you can see,
SweetCheeks is training him
to be the next
Nana Blog Star
A few doors down lives 
Auntie Mimi's new BFF. 
This BFF has a 
boy (Eli) that is just
 a few weeks older 
than BigBoyE. 
The BFF also has a cat.
Mimi & SweetCheeks
went to pay a visit.
Upon entering the house
came near to
"inspect & approve" 
This cat is docile,
quiet and quite aloof (imagine that).
SweetCheeks turned her gaze on CAT
and "growled"~
CAT growled back.
SweetCheeks growled louder.
CAT's growl became
a deep yowl-growl. 
SweetCheeks gave him a look 
that we fondly call
"The Firestarter Gaze".
CAT turned tail and ran.

BFF looked at Mimi.
Mimi and BFF
 looked at SweetCheeks.
BFF asked if 
SweetCheeks Mom and Dad 
were Catholic.
They are.
Mimi wondered WHY?
"Because I don't know of
any other church that can
perform an exorcism!!"

Take the devilish playfulness
out of THAT child?
I say NO WAY!
Underneath that
devilish exterior
beats the heart
of an angel.
That's my story and
I'm sticking to it!

I am on my way to
Milwaukee mid-morning
to take Lulu to spend a couple
of days with her
Auntie Mimi!
Catch you all later today-
your photo name


  1. Diana, sweet cheeks is an angel, she just wears a disguise every now and then....LOL

  2. Shes a force to be reckoned with!

  3. Diana, That makes me laugh about Sweetcheeks and the cat. When my g.daughter Emma comes here Zoey the cat runs to the basement. But I have to say this past weekend Zoey let Emma pet her and they played together with a laser light. So that cat will come around. Have a great time today with your cutie pies. xo, Susie

  4. HAHAHA Too cute! I agree! She is an angel! Be careful on your drive today!

  5. oh my, thats a new one to me!!!

  6. Haha! Maybe she's just not a cat person, Diana! : ) I'm allergic to cats and, of course, whenever we go somewhere and there is a cat they come right up to me. Maybe I should try growling.

  7. Sweet cheeks is adorable, but poor kitty. :-)

  8. Never a dull moment with that little Angel!

  9. No exorcism needed. An angel with a bit of devilish charm? She sounds like my kind of girl!

  10. When my grandkids come over, my cats make a beeline for their hiding places. Mostly its from the noise they seem to generate.

  11. As my Mom would say, "a devil in disguise." lol But I believe that Sweet Cheeks is nothing short of an angel and that cat is nasty!

  12. She is just so cute, whether she is playing devil or angel! Silly cat!

    Have a safe trip!




  14. That is too funny! She sounds like a strong willed girl. That's not always a bad thing. Ha!

  15. Oh poor little kitty. I can just imagine her doing something like that. LOL.


  16. That is so funny! I'd take a child with a little devilment over a shy one any day!

  17. Your path with Sweet Cheeks is so close to my Avery. Avery has these beautiful blue eyes, an angel glow of blond hair that falls long down her back. She is soft and sweet, but under that hallo is the magic, she is always busy, and not always in a good way. Avery like Sweet Cheeks seems to find that magic moment when all that little angel stuff becomes my wonderful full of it kid that could scare elephants. Ya gotta love em, they make us laugh. hugs, mary

  18. LOL- now that's funny. My cats would have either yawned or boxed her, but that's funny.
    Animals know when not to mess with certain people with "gifts". I wonder what she said in cat talk????

  19. Funny! Never a dull moment! xo, Ron

  20. they all keep you hopping! always fun stuff going on at your place!!

  21. hmmmm.....makes you wonder what the cat, and the child were talking about.

  22. Hi Diana, Sweetcheeks always makes me smile. She is a perfect angel in grandma's eyes right. They do entertain us because you never know what they are going to do. I enjoyed your blog about your trip with the girls. You just tuckered Sweetcheeks out. So amusing. Have a great weekend. Hugs Your Missouri Friend.

  23. Maybe sweet cheeks is a cat whisperer. Ever thinkg of that?

  24. Boy, Sweetcheeks and Samantha would be in so much trouble if they lived near each other. She's adorable and always puts a smile on my face when I read about her:)

  25. Funny story...Hum it will be fun to watch sweet cheeks grow up, bet she won't take any crap from a boy!LOL

    Oh yes, you talked about wallpapering your apartments with fabric starch, that's the best part you just wash the fabric and take it with you!


  26. You could never be bored when they are around!

  27. "Docile, quiet and quite aloof" you say.....well after that introduction the poor cat will probably never be the same. Purrhaps, I should come over and teach said cat to be ferocious and create his own Firestarter Gaze. Hmmm..... just saying.

    Purrs AND Growls louder than loud,


  28. Diana, big boy E has been a star for some time now!!! Hope you have a lovely time in Milwaulkie!!! and have a lovely, wonderful weekend!! sending hugs!
    laura xxx

  29. Too funny! But I don't think demons are the issue. Sweet Cheeks is just a load of fun and that leads to an occasional growl. Maybe she was trying to speak the cat's language?

  30. Will her mama rent her out?
    I'm thinking she could have Bruce under control in a few hours. ;)
    xxx, T.

  31. Diana, I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award. Please stop by my blog for more information. Patsy


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