Friday, March 16, 2012

Vintage Style

You know how I said
I had pretty much given up
buying magazines...
and did not renew most
of my old subscriptions?

I was amazed at the amount 
of you gals that
 said the same thing.

Well, I am eating my words today.
 I flipped through 
Vintage Style
while waiting in the 
check out lane at
the local grocers.
Big Mistake!

My eye was first caught by
I want that front screen door!

And then I flipped
another page or two.
Don't you love it?

I was hooked.
Then, the bargaining with
self begins.
Ever do that?
Okay- I didn't buy 

So~I can certainly 
treat myself to 
Ever do that?

Well, I am a good debater,
just ask MyHero,
I win hands down 
every time...
at least that is what he will tell you...
I rationalized myself
right into taking this lovely
publication home.
It is a premier issue
and, if you love vintage,
so worth the money.

Look at this sweet room 
that awaits you...
I also love this little porch
Pink shutters against a pale yellow house
and look at the wire chandy.
I am off to do some more
drooling but I will tell you this...

RUN...don't walk...
to your nearest newsstand
and pick up your own copy...
and if you're feeling flush
you can add this to your 
cart, too~
Is there anything better
than eye candy 
accompanied by a 
taste treat?
Tell them 
Nana Diana
said it was okay...
to buy 
just this once!

I have a special
treat coming up myself
Little Lulu
(SweetCheeks older sister)
is coming to spend the 
I can't wait!
your photo name


  1. That first picture, the screen door, is AMAZING! I love it so much that I pinned it.

  2. That looks like a good one, Diana! When I'm on line at the check out, I've got the "quick magazine scan" down pat! I just got one of my subscriptions in the mail yesterday, Romantic Country. Can't wait to get an hour of quiet time so I can just get lost in it!

  3. I did check that out a couple weeks ago when we were at Walmart like you said to do before. Girl- that one's $10. Craig had to get it down for me and reported the price and I had him put it right back before flipping the cover open.
    I can find cool images like that for free online.
    Now, the cadbury eggs- I brought them home.
    Lulu! Yeah- can't wait!

  4. Hi Diana,
    I know exactly what you mean. I have this magazine too and I debated whether or not it was worth the price....and it was.
    I can be down to my last ten dollars and the magazine always wins! LOL!


  5. Know you are probably
    flying around and getting
    things ready for LuLu {so
    you can have your Starbuck's
    as a reward!} but wanted to
    pop in and say hello. I am
    a recovering magazine addict,
    as well, so not sure if I should
    thank you for this post or not?
    {Just kidding; I would have
    picked it up, too!} I am looking
    forward to reading some actual
    magazines when my kids are
    home on spring break and I
    back away from the computer
    for a while. It's easier to pass
    up magazines with so many
    design blogs and of course,
    my other idol, Pinterest, at
    the ready!

    Have a wonderful time with
    your sweet LuLu, Diana!

    xx Suzanne

  6. I'm thinking... I have a pale yellow house... I doubt I could pull off the pink shutters but distressed, pink pots of flowers I could do! I love magazines like this and haven't bought them in years. Your blog may make me cave lol!

    Have fun with LuLu!!!

  7. I think I need this magazine! You always were a troublemaker! lol

    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. I'll drool through your posts. I gave up most publications a few years ago. I think I won't do my shutters pink, thank you... I saw a house that had pepto pink on an outside wall yesterday and almost croaked.

  9. I haven't seen it, thanks for the heads up on it, wow, $10.00 bucks though? I'm sure selling magazines is alot harder now what with the internet and now Pinterest! I do love the door and bedroom, maybe I'll flip thur it at Walmart if there is any left.!
    Have fun with Lulu!

  10. Diana, I will look for that magazine:) Granddaughter kisses are better for you than Hersey's kisses...they won't add pounds:):)Have a wonderful weekend. Smiles, xo, Susie(She Junks)

  11. I think I'll buy the magazine and sit down and eat my Cadbury Egg while flipping through it. That bed is gorgeous! Have fun with the kids.

  12. Diana
    I saw that very magazine and almost
    gave in to my new pledge to quit buying mags! At 12.99 here in Canada it was just too..pricey.
    But then I turned around and bought a Country Living 3 days later. It was only $5.50, after all
    Have fun with Lulu!!

  13. That is a really pretty screen door, and that bedroom does look really inviting - but the best news I see is that Lulu is coming! Yay! She's going to be more fun than a million magazines!

  14. I had whittled my subscriptions down to Victoria - then added Country Living and am considering Romantic Homes....I can't go by a newstand - no control! Gorgeous photos...

  15. A few times it has happened to me! That magazine that you just cannot put back! Enjoy it! and have a wonderful time with Lulu!

  16. Love that door.
    I am slipping back to buying magazines. They aren;t as much fun as blogging and seeing all the goodies on here.
    Happy Week-end.

  17. Oh boy just like you sometimes I can't control what happens in the check out line. This time I think you did good real good. Love it can't wait to find one. Is it going to be a monthly magazine?

  18. Okay, Diana ~ you twisted my arm!! Can I have a Cadbury egg, too? ♥♥

  19. Hey us gals are worth it. The guys most of them dont ask us if they can spend hours at Canadian tire and bring home . Whatever?

    So just think. Your book is pretty productive. Right. I mean we need ideas.
    Then being gals. Chocolate a day is to be good for you. Another thumbs up. You did well. What can I say negative about you. Tee,hee
    Your a 10 in my book.

  20. choclate and a good magazine are my guilty pleasure for sure, I love this one as well.I ate a Cadbury easter creme egg yesterday, it was delicous!!!

  21. Totally do that! I am on one of those "kicks" right now where I'm tossing all the renewal notices in the round file. Then I will be completely justified to buy a magazine off the newsstand & pay 3 times more for it than I would if I had the subscription -- yeah, right, totally justified! Love the look of that one & I'm on my way to the store!

  22. I think I spotted that the other day, but after seeing the $10 price quickly put it down! I love that front porch, and would love having a bedroom like that! Enjoy your weekend with LuLu!

  23. Uh-oh!! I think there will be a big rush to buy this magazine - good thing we are all spread out! I have been a "magazine collector" for years. I take care of them like they are priceless treasures - cause they are! =0)

  24. You are really tempting me! I have 3 magazines I haven't read {subscriptions} and I am in the middle of a book. That on top of blogging is taking a toll on my eyesight!!

    Hey, other than the fish and chips with the breading the other sugar or flour! Made some roasted veggies last night that were out of this world!! :)


  25. sometimes I feel like blogging has replaced magazines! I enjoy the pictures, the stories and the recipes on other peoples blogs.
    there.... I have justified my blogging!!!

  26. That does look like a great magazine.

    A few years ago, I was getting between 15 - 20 mag subscriptions. I am now getting only Country Gardens, Southern Living, and Midwest Living.

    I let them all go because I find more inspiration on the net.

    today I got two mag ads in the mail. I threw them away without even opening them.

    I think I have broken the addiction!

  27. I was just looking at mags yesterday and didn't see that one...but I think I would love it.

  28. Nana, that was definitely a good trade. I'll take the magazine over the candy anytime! Looks like some great stuff featured in it...I wonder if I can find that magazine over here.

  29. Oh Diana, I seldom buy magazines for myself, but that is one that I would love to have, and if I ever come across it, I will get myself one. Can't wait to see Lulu. Is she anything like SweetCheeks? It's funny because when you have two sisters, it seems that they are always different from one another. I know me and my sister are. Happy St Patrick's Day, my sweet friend. I hope you celebrate in a special way.
    ~Sheri at Rose Alley

  30. I haven't bought a magazine in ages but this one has got me so has Cottage Style this month's issue!!
    Have a great time with Lulu but won't SweetCheeks be jealous???
    Pamela xo

  31. I snatched up too a couple of weeks ago and have been too busy to look at it. I need to rectify that quick!

  32. I'm such a magazine addict! However, I've learned to restrain myself if I don't really LOVE it, I don't buy it. That looks like a great magazine though. Thanks for sharing some of the pics.

  33. I want that screen door. I think you should have gotten the magazine and the chocolate. You deserve it.

  34. Ya know....sometimes ya just gotta have that mag that's calling your name, D! lol! I need to check it out when I'm at Meijer's next week! That bedroom is awwwwwsome!!! Have fun with your munchkin this weekend! Hugs!

    xoxo laurie

  35. You had me at that screen door!!!
    Now I MUST get it!!!
    And, maybe just a little chocolate!

  36. Thank you for sharing Diana! I guess I am going to forget the chocolate and TREAT myself to this ten dollar magazine... it looks fabulous! Have a fun weekend!

  37. OMGee! That screen door is amazing. I love the bedroom too. Somehow, purple is becoming a color I'm very attracted to. I need to go to Barnes & Noble tomorrow anyway so I'll tell them you said it was ok for me to buy this magazine. ;-)

    Happy St. Patty's Day and enjoy Miss Lulu.


  38. I know Diana, that magazine is just fabulous. I'm trying real hard to be good since I have to buy a new stove and microwave. I keep looking at it every time that I go in the store. Maybe I can memorize it lol.

  39. Yep, I've seen that magazine here too. Makes a nice place to lounge. "She" told me the darn thing just jumped into the cart. Yeah, sure is a good one though. Hopefully, "she" will keep it, as I just got the pages folded over purrfectly comfortable....



  40. I bought it too!! I couldn't resist! Way to much money...but I had t have it! I passed up the chocolate egg too!!


  41. OH! I ALMOST bought that a few days ago! It is such a gorgeous magazine! :) And I enjoyed seeing some of the photos I missed when I thumbed through it at the store! ;) And I SO agree, that screen door is AMAZING! You have good taste! :)

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  42. I'll have to hunt this one down- it looks great.
    Have a fun weekend with little LuLu!

  43. I treated myself and love it!
    ...ok...I also treated myself to an egg...guilty!

  44. Looks wonderful!! I will nearby a Hastings this afternoon, so I think I will take a look and see if I need to purchase it for myself.

    I am in the process of letting some of my subscriptions go. TRADITIONAL HOME is now a thing of my past, and when COASTAL LIVING comes up for renewal in July, I won't be staying on. With 2 down, I have room for another one!!


  45. I am a magazine junkie....I have hundreds at the old house just sitting waiting to be thrown out and I just can't do it...and I continue to buy more and subscribe to is a sickness...and ofcourse when I go to the grocery store tomorrow this gem that you discovered will have to jump into my cart....Thanks for fueling the sickness :)

  46. I almost bought this magazine the other day Diana, but I am trying to be SO good, so that I have enough money to buy all the great things that I see in them :)
    I wonder how long this will last...not long I'm afraid because I am weak, weak, weak and I love me some magazines

  47. I'm SOLD! I am heading to the book store, which is actually where the nearest news stand is located that will be carrying that magazine!

  48. Diana, I have started going online to look at some of my favorite magazines. Love to you and your sweet brood.


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