Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hallo-Weenie-You Sure Are Cute!

Maybe it's the way
we talk in the
(Never thought I would talk
this way being from PA
and arriving via FL)
But SweetCheeks seems to
like to say
Hallo! Ween~
like she talking to someone!

Halloween or Hallow-Weenie
is sure fun when you are all
dressed up in these outfits
your Mama made you.

Here they are at the top
of the park after
donning their costumes
and getting ready to go in..
Lulu is the Summer Fairy,
Ria is the Angel Fairy,
SweetCheeks is the Snow Fairy.
She told me
I cahn whahve mhy magik wahnd
and mahke it snow at yohr house!
I don't know what you folks on
the EAST COAST did to tick
her off...but she sure rained snowed
on your parade!
That's why I'm staying on her
good side!
They start down the
path to the buildings,
with SweetCheeks
running ahead.
Lulu follows close behind
while Ria checks out the
spooky character off to the side.
(Look at her face)
Here's a close up of Lulu's face
that Mama painted...
Sorry-it's a bit faded out~

Next we have the beautiful Ria
smiling sweetly for the camera.
They walk and walk and walk-
It's a big park.
At the base of the steep hill is
a house with a bench in front.
They sat a spell and rested.
(Catch that?  Spell-Halloween?)
Never mind~
There are lots more pictures to share.
I will share some of them tomorrow..
but will leave you with this one...
While all the girls were dancing and twirling...
was doing this!
Pop by tomorrow to see if she
Kissed An Apple!
Her Dad says it is better than
chasing down her classmate, OHwen,
and kissing him!
Yeah...and then there's THAT!
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  1. Love their costumes and it looks like they were having so much fun in them. Can't wait to see more of this. Have a fun day!
    Kiss an apple? Never heard of that...oh, and hide her wand until spring.

  2. Love it Diana! Looks like they're having a blast...wishing we had something like that!
    The girls costumes are just gorgeous!

  3. Cutest little fairies ever!! Looks like they had a ball!

  4. Can't believe I missed out on your blog yesterday.
    Beautiful costumes and beautiful fairies.Sorry for those that ticked off the snow fairy, they'll learn better. By the way, SC is a reincarnation of a beautiful southern belle, the way she talks makes it plain she isn't a 'natural' mid westerner.

  5. Prettiest little fairies ever! Their mother did an excellent job on the costumes. What little girl wouldn't want to wear that? Heck, I want to wear it now!

  6. Please take that wand away from her!! :)

    xo Lynn

    Your gran girls are precious! Mine is a super girl this year. :)

  7. Way too cute Diana. I love when little girls get face painting! I sure am not wishing for snow this way, so keep that wand over dere yonder!

  8. Nothing cuter than three little fairies!
    I haven't heard of kiss the apple, either....looking forward to hearing about it.

  9. Ahh.. it's Sunday and I knew I could count on coming here and having a smile put on my face!
    They are the cutest!!!

  10. oh what beauties,, looks like theyhad a blast! Just the way it should be, I love the way she says Hallow weenie!

  11. Thay are so BEAUTIFUL! This is a magical time of year for little ones! And I wish Sweet Cheeks would send some of that snow my way. Tell her I want a BIG SNOWSTORM on Christmas Eve and I want to be snowed in on Christmas. Oh... and if all of our family except us could be without power that would ensure that they would all stay and visit awhile. Can she arrange that?

  12. Those are great outfits. So pretty. They look adorable. Love seeing the kids in their costumes..

  13. The prettiest fairies I've EVAH EVAH seen! Sweet costumes my friend.

    Thank you for your heartfelt words today. They matter.

    Love, Rebecca

  14. They made such cute fairies. Looks like they were having a lot of fun and I bet you were too.


  15. Adorable Diana, alot of work was put into those costumes, all three are so pretty in them! I like the picture of Ria face!

  16. It looks like the girls are having so much fun with their costumes. Holidays take on a whole new aura when you have children around. They look so cute!

  17. awww they are adorable! I love their costumes.
    Happy Halloween!

  18. Hello Diana!

    I've just become a follower and look forward to knowing you better!

    Your little Fairies are adorable! So she is the one shaking the early snow over the East Coast!? Happy to be living on the other Coast then!

    Great costumes, and love the face painting!

    Blessings, Donna

  19. Oh Diana, how adorable!
    this makes me SO lonesome for my girls, when they were little and cute. :-P

    Eh, now they're old and used.

    It's funny -- they still remember ALL their Halloween costumes from years past. Amazing.

    The girls look as if they are having a blast. Wish them a Happy Halloween from all of your Imaginary Friends ... that should spook them!

    And me, crazy?
    ummm ... yeah.
    Crazy loves company. Cass

  20. Oh my, the girls are precious and their costumes are fantastic. They look adorable and I am sure they are having such fun.

    Thanks also for stopping by and following, I am following you now also. Can't wait to visit more. Hugs, Marty

  21. Such cute girls and darling costumes! What fun they had and I'm sure they made a haul!

  22. I had to wait in this long line here to make a comment! lol They are totally ADORABLE!!!! XO Cindy

  23. Awwww!! The girls look so pretty and sweet! Did mom make their costumes? They look awesome! Sounds like they all had a fun time! Bet you had your wings and tutu on too!!! I forgot you were originally from PA. I've been told since we've been out here that I have a Midwestern accent! That cracks me up!! I didn't know we had accents!!!

  24. You know I needed a Diana laugh! What cuties! I would not even be able to stand it...adorable little girlies!


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