Sunday, January 16, 2011


1. The first thing you must do
is get some grandchildren.
If you haven't any of your own
will surely be willing to let
you buy mean
borrow them for a day.
We rustled these up and
hauled them
slipped off and got left
in Milwaukee though..
the littlest one escaped
2. The second thing you must do,
after bathing the little suckers,
is read them a bedtime story.
This has become a favorite.
If you don't have it-
you MUST buy it..
You CANNOT be a
without this book.3. It MUST have pop up pages.
That way it takes twice as long to
read because
SOMEONE must poke
their finger in every hole
in the pop-up and ask
Yes-Pop ups are a must!
Notice what she is eating?
It has become fondly known
at this
The Three Bears Cereal!All too soon
6AM rolls around because
THEY find you.
THEY hunt you down
THEY know
WHERE you sleep!
Ah~ Yes! We thought the
hour would never arrive..
It is
Time for what?
Are you paying attention here?
It is time for???
Yes..That's it!
Three Bears Cereal.
First (I think I have lost
track of the number of steps
it takes to be a good Nana..
Never on)
First-You must have
a big pot of boiling water.
I got this out of the sewer..
Oh wait! No! I didn't~
It is BROWN because it has
a pinch of salt and
CINNAMON in it..
You might think that
magic ingredient
but it is NOT!
We will get to that
Ok- Pot...boiling water..

DUMP the Oatmeal in!

How much? Seriously?

I dunno- I never measure..

I just dump til it looks

somewhere between mucus

and cement. Works for us.Stir for about ONE MINUTE

(providing you are using

One minute Oatmeal-got it?)

THEN you add the secret is....READY?

Vanilla...GOOD Vanilla..

None of that cheap all-alcohol

vanilla - I drink that but don't use

it for cooking. Kidding...just kidding..

I drink the almond flavor.Boil a few seconds more..Slap 3 Princess dishes on the counter.

If BabyE were here you would also

see a Thomas The Train bowl..but..

he escaped...remember?Oh-yeah...there's a second


It is butter...Real honest-to-goodness


All those chubby people you

see when you are shopping?

Yep...all eating Wisconsin butter..

(I resemble that remark)
Just one little pat will do ya.

Next up...sugar...good raw sugar..
brown..and wonderful..and?? C'mon~
Sugar is ? Sweet...Yep..Sugar is sweet..
and so are you...
Wait-I am getting sidetracked here.
Make it into a nice heart shape..
To match the heart shaped bowls..
Get it? (that is SweetCheeks new
byline...GET IT? Yep..I GOT IT!

And then...and then...

To make it


You take a heart-shaped

cookie cutter..AND

you stamp a heart in the

center of it.
Now, I ask you..

Is that CUTE..or what?A word of caution to the

New Nanas..DO NOT

add milk- It wrecks the

hearts and makes them cry.

Trust me on this.

On Saturday mornings..

they eat on their own little tables..

First is Lulu...someone has colored

on her table and she is not too

happy about that fact...but she is

a hearty eater and decides to

forego complaining to work on

the task at hand.Ria very daintly picks at hers.

SweetCheeks immediately eats

the sugar off hers and tells me


on hers.


Yes..Seriously..Nana..Yoah DID!

(Liar, liar..pants on fire)

I didn't forget but I will get you

a LITTLE more sugar.

Sigh...big sigh..OHKAY THEN!
Now comes



You must PACK THEM UP..

and take them home!

Any questions?

Look for more tutorials in

the future.

Next up we will discuss

spit painting on the

breakfast nook window.

Doesn't THAT sound like fun?

And...thank ya for stopping by

your photo name


  1. Oh Diana
    You are the best grandma ever!!!


  2. I haven't read your post yet but I will! I will! The title made me SMILE...I am you know a NANA to ONE!

    What I came by to tell you is that you blessed me with your comment on my blog. I get sooo busy sometimes and I forget that God puts people into our lives to bless and encourage and too often I fail to tell them.

    You've got it goin' on girlfriend. If we lived close to one another we'd be the best gal-pals EVER!

    Love to you~

    Rebecca PS: Now...I'm off to read your post! :)

  3. You make looking like a Nana so much fun! That looks delish...oh and that wisconsin butter..mmmmm so good for them thighs you know, I'm just saying it is so tasty and low cal they say LOL! Thanks for the tutorial, I could never make it without it.

  4. LOL- you make is sound so inviting! I think I will stick to my mom's secret recipe for 3 Bear Cereal, aka- porridge. Cream of Wheat- yep, that woman was ahead of her time.
    Cute tute!
    Hugs- Tete

  5. You certainly know the ropes. I really miss my grands being that age. I am looking forward to the spit painting tutorial. I remember that one. I am surprised you didn't find spit paint are on those car windows.
    Enjoy every minute of it, they grow up fast. My five grandsons range from 18 to 24 but I still get huge bear hugs. Not as often as they are at university.
    thanks for visiting, Hugs, Ginger

  6. Aaaaaw that is just soooo cute! i love it! I would never have thought though to put butter in porridge!! I think i will try that and see how it tastes!! Love the picture of the kids in the last picture diana!! They look so snuggly and warm! adorable!
    hugs dear friend,
    laura xx

  7. You crack me up, but since I am a Grammy now I can sure use these tutorials so thanks for taking the time to put them together. That oatmeal, or rather three bears cereal looks real good.

  8. Yup, it is that WISCONSIN BUTTER that is my problem with those extra pounds. I feel better knowing why. I can blame it on Wisconsin even though I live about 2000 miles away :)

    We had oatmeal three times this week but we do the FIVE minute oatmeal. It's New Jersey oatmeal :) And it just has to be brown sugar. And what a grand grandmom to monogram each person's bowl.

    Bad Pop-Pop story: Reading One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish a zillion times, John tried turning over several pages at a time while reading to the kids. They always noticed! Little rascals!

  9. You know how much I love your blog, and thanks for the tuit, love it.

    The secret to our 3 bears oatmeal, cinnamon apple sauce, put it in the bowl add the oatmeal, then butter and sugar. And just before I put it in the bowl, I stir a bit of sugar into the pan, doesn't take nearly as much in the bowl that way. My favorite story about oatmeal, I'll have to tell it on my blog, with the picture attached.
    Love ya Sis

  10. Oh Diana, you clearly love being a nana and your little ones are so lucky to have you! I looking foward to being a nana one day too! Hugs to you!

  11. Ahh, now I'm going to have to pick up some oatmeal at the store today. I don't think you put enough brown sugar in it though. When I was a kid I would put so much in that the oatmeal was grainy. Can never have too much sugar you know.

  12. Diana, you are just the best Nana!!! I do declare that those kiddos know how much you love them!!

    Yum, yum...wishing for some homemade oatmeal myself right now!!

    Have a wonderful and peaceful Sunday!!

  13. Still chuckling over your post, Diana! You have yourself some adorable grandchildren.... Mine come in pairs.... twin girls. Have a great relaxing Sunday in the "recovery" mode. :)

  14. Your grands are so cute! Loved your special touch of the hearts on the oatmeal. I am sure that they all love going to your house.

    happy Sunday,

  15. Oh my, you just crack me up! You are such a great and happy Grandma! Loving your blog!


  16. I am going to have to remember this one! I have been under the weather for days and that oatmeal looks so good to me right now!

  17. You are a very creative Nana! The girls must absolutely love Saturdays and every day at your home.

  18. What an awesome tutorial you are such a great Nana! Anyone would be happy to have you as their Nana. Have a great Sunday!


  19. Sleepovers at Nana's must be soo much fun!!
    I love the music to this post Diana!!!
    I am a big fan of oatmeal but I never thought to put butter in it!

  20. This is one of the best tutorials ever, Diana! I love the oatmeal with the brown sugar hearts! That is just too sweet:) Will you adopt me? Please, pretty please? Hey, I really do think that you should write a book about all this stuff! Seriously! You are the best Nana ever!! And one day all of your grandkids will see that not all Nanas are as fun as you are:)!

  21. So funny! I love the tutorial and will remember it when the time arrives for grandbabies in my house.

    The oatmeal looks superb.

  22. LOL! Excellent tutorial and even though I don't have grankids yet, I think I will have to make that heart shaped oatmeal! Too cute!

  23. I am not a Nana, however, if I ever get me some
    grandkids for a day, I will be ready....ha ha..
    Very very funny!

    Flora Doora

  24. And always have Popsicles! :)

    Where do you live? Close to me? Cause I sure would love to meet you! xoxo

  25. Mucus and Cement? Really Nana? I don't think I will ever look at Oatmeal the same way again. BUT I'm using your tutorial and putting that sugar heart on top for my grandkids next time. And, the stamped heart is a great idea too. Mine also love blueberries and honey on theirs. I don't eat butter on my oatmeal, but I eat it on anything else that will stand still. Butter may be my most favorite food. Great tutorial — keep em coming.

  26. AW.. my gram used to always make me a slice of Peppridge Farm oatmeal bread (before they ruined it, er, I mean 'Improved' it!) soaked in butter. I also got half a grapefruit to put in my bowl of sugar... (yes, that's right. Not sugar on grapefruit. Grapefruit on sugar.)
    She had a happy face sandwich stamp, and only bought the Pep. Farm Butter-fly crackers, because who wants boring old SQUARE crackers when you can have butterfly shaped ones? NOw that us grandkids are grown up, she spoils the heck out of her grand-dogs. lol :P

    My Gram is awesome. Sounds like you are too! :)


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