Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 3-Bates Motel Or Bust

After leaving Duluth...
Wait~Let me remind you of Glensheen...
Remember Glensheen?
The one MyHero said we could
stop at on the way back through?
Well~ We did NOT make it
back in time for the tour..
Hard to believe, huh?
Anyway, we leave Duluth and
Someone threw a huge hissy fit
because we could not go back across
the bridge the same way that we
came...and because there were
Detour signs that someone thought
we should follow and You-Know-Who
thought the DRIVER had missed the
exit...Y'all remember WHO drives,
don't ya? Yeah? Score ONE
for the driver. (big smile)
We stayed overnight in Superior, WI.
The next morning we headed back..
South and East towards
Bayfield, WI.
There were several little detours along
the way...rocking expeditions...
camp site explorations..
just in case we actually use
Presently, we arrived in Bayfield, WI.
Ohhhh...she's a pretty sight.
Especially in Fall.
We debated whether we should take the ferry to
Madeline Island..
but decided not to this time.
Good-bye Ferry- We'll see you next time.
Just outside of Bayfield we came across
this little town..It is actually a park...
Just in case we ever use The Pearl..
did I mention that before?
Oh! What a pretty place this is!

Look at that color... MyHero took off down the lane...I picked up acorns..which I will show you in a future post.

We decide, because it is mid-afternoon,

that we will drive to Houghton/Hancock, MI.

It is such beautiful country.

On the way I tell MyHero that I think he

should call The Ramada in town...

just to make sure there is a room.

We are driving that way already..

He calls- No room at the inn.

He calls another hotel...No room there either.

Uh-oh...It is parent's weekend in

Houghton...not a room to be had.

Let's swing South and try Baraga..

oooopppps...nothing there either..

It is 30 miles from Houghton and they

are full of "overflow".. is dark now...

we keep driving South..

We enter L'Anse, MI..

Wait...I see a motel light..

We know it is the only one along

this stretch.

Quick..quick...there's a car behind us

SCORE! We got the last room!

Is it a smoking room? Nope!

The man says there is no smoking

in these rooms.

Great-Hey...what's the name of this place?

Diana-It doesn't MATTER..
It's the only room in 100 miles!
Okay!!!! there smoking?
No! The.Man.Said.No.Smoking!
Hmmm...Well, that's a little strange
considering I see THIS when I enter..Just be quiet and go to sleep.
What's that smell? I want to know.
NO! Not THAT smell...
The other smell..
I dunno!
I do! It's SMOKE!
Can you just be quiet and go to sleep?
Okay...But I wouldn't leave my shoes
outside if I were you!
I already told you- they are WET...
and they SMELL..
Well, bring them in and maybe it will
disguise the smell of SMOKE!
Insert~Deep, exasperated sigh-
A little sleep...
Very little...
We leave.
As we are leaving our room
in the frosty morning light I see this...Look...I tell MyHero...
It is Norman's sister..
stuffed and mounted.
She died of
I get the standard reply..
Very Funny!
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  1. I see you can't stand smoke smell either. We both cannot stand it. I hate when they say no smoking and yet people will anyway. Beautiful fall colors there. I saw beautiful golds in Asheville, NC last weekend, too.

  2. Beautiful fall colors! I haven't got to see any yet. sniff

  3. YUK...Hate the smell of smoke in those rooms. I have seen worse, however, can't smell the smell from here you know. I actually bring room freshener and sometimes candles along with helps a bit. What a pretty Fall scene in the park.

  4. I've stayed in a hotel like that before in Nevada...Uhg! I didn't sleep a wink. Thanks for all your are a sweetheart!

  5. Love all the colors beautiful!! That hotel looks like a few I have stayed at in my day!! lol

  6. Yep, the cigarette smell is a hard thing to get rid we ALL know when it's NOT REALLY a non-smoking room!!! Beautiful scenery, I love the lake pictures and the leaves are sooo pretty! Gotta love the shoes outside the room too, what a sweety! Hugs, Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  7. Very, very funny. I was hanging on every word!

  8. I can't stand that smell either. I'll bet you keep your MyHero in stitches though :-)

  9. Hi Diana... Oh what a trip you are having!! A gorgeous place and you driving and entertaining your hero all the way... he is one lucky guy!

  10. Oh, you are just too funny! I hate that nasty smoke smell, too! One more reason you need to get the Pearl up & running! We stopped in L'Anse, but just to gas up the RV, don't think I would spend time there otherwise if I could help it!!

  11. I had forgotten about the Pearl. Why didn't you take her on her maiden voyage? It's a bad sign when the hotel/motel/flop house is made of cinderblock.

  12. This is too funny. I can't stand the smell of smoke either and I used to bring a little candle to offset the smoke smell but I once ended up setting off an alarm in a motel because I lit the itty bitty odor removing candle. Funny how they can light cigarettes but I couldn't light an odor removing candle.
    I'm loving your story...can't wait to hear more!

  13. Thanks for taking me along on your trip-I don't ever get to go anywhere(all the pets we have-except an occasional camping trip)-it is really neat to hear your commentary!


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