Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Short Story

SweetCheeks, bathtime sweet,
is sitting in her favorite spot.
It is "calm down" time at Nana's house.
A time to relax after playing
hard all evening.
She is sitting in her favorite place...
It is everyone's favorite...
It is a down-filled chair that
hugs you like a long-lost sister.
SweetCheeks, I ask tenderly.
SweetCheeks...are you reading a book?
She replies without ever looking up!
Dat is just cwrazy talk, Nana...
Yoah know I chan't read!Do you think that
Implied message-
Wow! Are YOAH stupid!?!
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  1. Oh what a cutie pie and that answer was just too precious!

    Reminds me of a cute story about my 3 year old granddaughter. She was scribbling and making a menu, she told me to go and take it to her mommy to see what she wanted to order. I asked her if she could tell me what was on the menu so I could tell her mommy, she immediately said, oh Nana, don't worry, Mommy can read! OM goodness, I could hardly contain myself!

    Oh sorry for going on like that, just wanted to share! Aren't grandchildren the best ever?

    Enjoy your day~

  2. she cute, or what?! LOVE that chair!
    I'm glad someone else had to swag there lamp...I was worried it looked really dumb. Thanks for the encouragement on the chandelier.

  3. LOL!!! my now 13-year old granddaughter just sighs....hahah! i realized that's how grandmas get *that* reputation. (wink)

  4. No...but you are a crazy talker...and I love it! LOL ;D

  5. Sweetcheeks is delightful! I know she keeps you smiling all day long!


  6. I have one of those hilarious 3 year olds in my house and I absolutely love this stage! So fun to hear what comes out of their mouths...well...except for the word "no" a million times a day...and maybe that high pitched scream that sometimes appears...and, oops, let's just focus on the sweet things! :-)

  7. Heck yeah.... crazy = stupid!! Very cute...she is just adorable.

  8. Hmmmmmm......ya think maybe she's got her nana's sense of humor......??? lol! What a cutie patootie!!! :) Have a wonderful Friday, sweets!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  9. Thank all of you for the wonderful and sweet comments. She is comical....and I gotta tell you, Laurie....she has NO idea that she is funny and gets kind of "sad/mad" if you laugh at her...

    Hugs to all of you- you're the best! Diana

  10. She is a real pip! Keeps you on your toes right? She is sooooo cute, I can tell you have a ball!

  11. Hi, I found your blog through Maria and I love it. Your blog is great, I will follow.
    I´m happy finding you.
    Hugs Tanja from germany

  12. hehe How cute!!!!!!!!! Getting Sassy already Nana!! LOL Have a wonderful weekend!! ~ Lisa ~

  13. Once when we were having a visit with a particularly precocious cousin who was the same age as my son (3 yr), her mother (show off) asked her to show everyone how she could read the funnies. She did, with perfection. My little guy looked up at me and said in all seriousness, "dats just not right". I love your humor. We've gotta hang out someday.


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