Thursday, September 30, 2010

Princess Of The World And A Magazine Winner

Okay, ladies...bear with me...somehow my picture thingy got moved to one side..and when that happened all kinds of creepy stuff started happening...words moved here and there...random rhyme or reason. I think I got it fixed but I am NOT going to re-do this y'all will just have to scramble your eyes around a bit and figure it out. ...sigh...
We did this just at the end of the day-before SweetCheeks went home.
There is lot of prep work to get ready for this giveaway.
First we must make signs to show that we are going to have
TWO WINNERS! Yes TWO~ Can you say TWO?????

Next we must make a list of all the entrants..
And cut them down to size...
Well...not THEM...but their names.
I HAVE cut a few people down to their size in my life...
But we won't be talking about that today..No sirreee.
Today we are talking about slips, folks...slips..
of they are all cut..

Happy Boo!

Next we must fold the slips ever so carefully....

Then we drop them in the basket which used to belong to Great Gramma

Next we must paint our nails so we look polished for the occasion. princess is complete without
a new crown and earrings and a ring. Guess whut, Nana? What?
I haff a whishing crownh at my hohme.You do? Yep!
How does it work?
I putted it on an whished I had a crownh
at yoah house and heah itt issss.
Hmmmm...I wish I had one of those myself, Sweet Cheeks.
Well, yoah chan't cuz yoah is a gwrownhup.
Dey onhly wurk when yoah iss liddle..
That sucks (said silently to myself, thank you)
Now...we must have...
We must have..
We must most certainly perform...
A very necessary part of the ceremony..
We must have a try-on session..
We are loving this ........

Ooooohhh...Loving this ring.....Which finger should
we wear it on????

Finally....finally....we are go....

Number One...Here we go....Ready?????

Oooooooppppps...We got two~Don't look SweetCheeks..
Shake one falls out. Don't read it yet...let one fall
back in.....Hmmmmmm...wonder if that was YOUR name
that fell back in? My random generator is not as fail proof
as some.

Whut duzz it say, Nana? Huh?
It's a name of a winner, SweetCheeks...
Yeah..I know dat butt I chan't rwead it mysulf!TA DAAAAH

Can you read that? It says Debbie @DebbieDoos!
Hooray- That is Winner #1
Winner #2 is coming right up~!!

Only get ONE this time SweetCheeks!
I already GOT OWNE, Naneeee...Nhow I ahm
getting Numbah TWO.
I meant only grab one this time!
I alwready knowh dat!
Of course you do.
We have it now...
We really do...It is winner Number Two!
Can you read it? Can you? Strain your eyes a bit...
Is your vision getting a bit blurry?
Well, it is NOT because you are old...
It is because YOU KNOW WHO-AH moved
their hands a bit...just a bit...
However, I know you can read it...C'mon...
You can do it...
This person is on the road, I think...
but should be home soon...
Winner Number Two is...........

Both these ladies have been faithful bloggers and follow along
with my nonsense. I am blessed to know them both...
and they are both deserving of a win...
Thanks guys! Now email me your addresses.
I have to get this in the mail by Saturday!!!!
Hugs to all and thanks for participating. xxoo Diana
And a big round of applause for SweetCheeks who ALWAYS does what Nana says...Yeah...right...and I have a gold mine in my back yard....uhhh-huuhhh
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  1. Yay for sweet cheeks...she knows how to wear a crown! Yay for the winners too ;D

  2. Love little sweet cheeks and her crown works so well!
    Congrats to the winners!
    Have a great week!
    Hugs- Tete

  3. I want to use that random number generator for my next giveaway!! Oh wait...I have a tiara myself...hee hee!!

    Congratulatons to the winners!!

  4. That was cute torture even if I didn't still made me smile and that's a gift in it self. Patty

  5. Your little princess is beautiful! And I do love the chair she is sitting in. It would be beautiful for portraits. It's a shame that they don't sell victorian pieces here in Oklahoma!

  6. I am so devastated that I didn't win Diana!!! Oh well, at least sweet cheeks pulled out my good friend Debbie!! Of course, mine was probably the one that fell back in!!! That was much better than!! Much prettier and colorful!

  7. Oh what a beautiful little princess and a lucky one at that!
    thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. The item above the hutch is a framed piece of fabri! Simple, but adds a lot!

  8. Gorgeous little princess Ü

    Thanks for visiting me over at Pittpat Paperie and leaving the sweet comment about my card from a gift bag. I will email the template right out to you.

  9. Oh Boy now that I see sweet cheeks up close with those killer blue eyes, and she pulled my name....I adore her even more! BIG HUGS SWEET CHEEKS!!~ Thank you so much!!~

  10. Boy, you get all dramatic for a giveaway!! Congrats to Debbie and Kathy.

  11. Congratulations to the winners! That was the sweetest giveaway winner's post I've ever seen. You know I love that dialogue!

  12. Thanks, Ladies..She's my little sweetie pie..and is really a good little girl....Stay tuned tomorrow to see the old bat that made my SweetCheeks cry her little eyes out...

  13. How amqazingly LUCKY am I!
    I was sending the "Pick Me" vibes to sweet cheeks and low and behold!!!!!
    Look what happened!
    I couldn't be happier....go away on vacation and still win a prize...fabulous!
    Kiss your little princess for me and tell her I love the nails daahling!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  14. What a sweet little one. Looks like ya'll had fun drawing those names.

  15. Good golly, that girl has some bling on! What is she going to do when she gets older and realizes that diamonds really aren't that big?

  16. I actually love your posts, and I can't imagine they could be better by leaving half of the post out. Your comical stories keep me coming back and I wouldn't want to wait for a Chapter 2. :) And...on that other subject, of the mean old lady; no I won't pray for her. She needs to get some professional help! What goes around comes around, I just hope you get to witness it. That was just simply, not a nice thing to do! Shame on her!


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