Friday, March 19, 2010

Yes~There Iss No Bananas

"Who are you talking to over there, SweetCheeks?", I asked her yesterday. "Ummm.iss Coco." "Coco? Who’s Coco?" (this is a new name-one I have not heard before). "Hims a munnkey." "Oh, like you?" I ask her. "No!" She says with a half disgusted look on her face. " Ize not a munnkey, Hims a munnkey." "What’s he look like?" I ask. She looks at me like I have lost my senses entirely. "Hims LOOKS LIKE a munnkey", she says quite empathetically. Hmmm. "What’s he doing?" "Hims just sitting ofver der in time out cuz hims a sassy munnkey!". "What did he do, SweetCheeks? What makes him sassy?" I ask this comical little Miss.

"Hims eatted all the bananas and now my phatt baby is cwrying cuz hers dusn’t haf any bananas for hers cereal." "Oh, that’s too bad", I tell her, "maybe we can get some more bananas." "Nope-the store doesn’t hafve enymore eiffher. phatt baby dusn’t wike Coco eiffher cuz hims so naughty. Look, see hers bowl is emmpaty."

"Are you ever naughty?", I ask "No", she says coyly, looking at me and smiling (see picture to right). "I not a sassy gurl." "Is Lulu sassy?" I ask her. "Yep-hers sassy...and Lucys sassy .and sos is Papa and sos is everybudy cept you, Nana. You is nice". " Papa’s nice, too", I tell her. "No hims not...hims mean cuz him yells at me and makes me cry. Hims yelled at me yestuday when I wus twying to watch Dorah thu Exploharah." (Only for the 5th time in a row) "Hims makeded me cwry". "He didn’t mean to make you cry SweetCheeks, he just wanted to watch the news." "Pfffffttt...hims has hims own TV downstaihs, Nana and...Nana"? "Yes, sweetie?"’ "That Coco is a wreally, wreally, bad munnkey".
You can’t win battles with a 3 year old’s imagination. I have just decided to enjoy everyday as it comes because soon she will be using proper English and the things she says won’t be nearly as funny....and her imaginary friends will disappear and I will be left with the memories of a sassy, invisible monkey that stole bananas and made the fat baby cry.
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  1. I just wooves dat phat baby story... and you are just hoping, that as she ages, those friends you think are imaginary, disappear!! She may just decide to keep them for life.
    And now you know why I am posting this as Anonymous or is that Anonymouse...

  2. I think this is how schizophrenia starts, isn't it? Maybe we should start TELLING her that they are just imaginary.......

  3. hahaha-Mimi-is that what happened to you?


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